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  2. Hemulen

    Recipe Steamed whitefish with pistachio paste

    Steamed whitefish with pistachio paste Serves 2-3 | Preparation 15-20 min Ingredients / Fish 450-500 g skinned European whitefish (or any white-fleshed fish) fillets ~0,5 teaspoon salt ~0,25 teaspoon black pepper Ingredients / Pistachio paste 70 g (~140 ml when finely ground) unsalted...
  3. dimitarpachev

    Recipe Kavarma. Bulgarian dish

    Bulgarian Kavarma There are many recipes and variations of this dish Kavarma in Bulgaria, but traditionally we use pork meat - there also exists beef Kavarma, chicken versions and a mix of all the meat. Kavurma is one of the most delicious Bulgarian dishes. This is the original recipe, but I...
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