1. TastyReuben

    Show Us Your Shopping Bags!

    Since they all happened to be in the house, I decided to share my reusable shopping bags: I have a few others, but they're dupes of the ones pictured above.
  2. rascal

    Shopping lists

    do you have a list of stuff you have to buy when buying groceries. I usually do a list for my wife to get, but I always forget stuff. I said to her while cooking dinner the other night, we need some more tomato sauce aka ketchup. I make my own, but prefer store bought. Anyway after I...
  3. FoodEnergetics

    Shopping lists - do you use them?

    Hey, Probably one of the first steps I need to take in becoming more organised in my cooking, is to write shopping lists, the reason I don't currently do this is mostly because I feel restricted by them - yessss I could write a list and buy additional foods, but in general I love to shop...
  4. Morning Glory

    What produce/ingredients did you buy or obtain today?

    We often get posts about ingredients or produce bought, received or otherwise procured by members. So, I thought perhaps we could start a regular thread similar to What did you cook/eat today (May 2018)? but showing or listing ingredients we bought or otherwise obtained. It could be your on-line...
  5. Herbie

    Food boxes

    In the UK it has become quite a thing to get a food box delivered from specialist suppliers, so fish box, vegetable/salad/fruit box and meat boxes. Some from a single producer and some a local scheme, some organic. These are generally good quality. My budget is far lower than it was so I now...
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