1. blades

    Recipe Blackened Swordfish Sandwich

    Blackened swordfish is nothing more than a swordfish steak pan fried in butter at a temperature that will cause the butter to partially blacken the surface of the fish. We cook this regularly at our house. Since my wife lost the use of her right hand in a stroke, I tend to make sandwiches for...
  2. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Pan-Fried Seeds Breaded Swordfish Steaks

    Swordfish goes very well with this breading made with linseed, sesame and pumpkin seeds, without any need to add breadcrumbs. Pan-fried swordfish doesn’t need much cooking, just a few minutes is enough to avoid this gorgeous fish to become dry and stodgy. Serves 2, Preparation 5 mins, Cooking...
  3. Oat Pasta with swordfish and black olives tomato sauce.jpeg

    Oat Pasta with swordfish and black olives tomato sauce.jpeg

  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Swordfish with Almond and Black Pepper crust and Parsnip Purée

    Black pepper and almonds form a delightful spicy sweet crust for the fish. The parsnips are simmered in almond milk with black cardamon and Pernod for a sweet anise flavoured purée. Ingredients (serves 2) For the purée: 170g parsnips, peeled and chopped into small pieces 200ml almond milk 2...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Sicilian Swordfish (Pesce spada alla Siciliana)

    Well, I really did think I’d come up with an original recipe. I bought some beautiful swordfish steaks and I was thinking about how they would work so well with salty olives and capers, sweet raisins and creamy pine nuts in a garlicky tomato sauce. Having ‘invented', cooked and photographed the...
  6. Morning Glory

    Recipe Pescado a la Veracruzana (Fish Vera Cruz style)

    This Mexican dish is traditionally made with Red Snapper, which is difficult to find here. You can use any firm fleshed fish instead. Here I used swordfish steaks. The dish has something in common with the Italian Puttanesca, which also combines capers, garlic, tomatoes and olives. There are...
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