1. Timenspace

    Recipe Tamari peanut butter sauce

    Ingredients: half a cup tamari half a cup water 2 teaspoons of crunchy peanut butter fresh juice of half a lemon pinch of salt to taste 4 pinchess of turmeric, or to taste 2 pinches of black pepper 4 pinches of a curry mix (optional) 1 teaspoon spelt flour Preparation: Heat up the tamar and...
  2. A

    Recipe Buckwheat tamari and butternut squash

    I tried to combine a deliciously Ella recipe with buckwheat groats, tamari sauce and tahini with a butternut squash and onion that I saw in Wendy Polisi's quinoa recipe. Since I you're all familiar with my quinoa recipes, I thought I would use buckwheat instead. It's also a complete protein...
  3. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Miso Soup: Mushrooms, Tofu, Bok Choy, Wine, Thai Basil, & Other Herbs

    This recipe is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free. The Thai basil in this recipe was home-grown. This idea just sounded relaxing, and the only things I bought when the idea occurred to me were the mushrooms (regular white button ones). Seeing the mushrooms, and knowing what was in my home...
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