1. Tangerines


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  3. Tangerine juice

    Tangerine juice

    Tangerine juice for breakfast...healthy and good.
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Tangy Dodgers with Lavender

    Jammie Dodgers are a well know British biscuit, named after 'Roger the Dodger' a character in the Beano comics of my childhood. This is a grown up version, using a zingy tangerine jam instead of the usual raspberry jam. The tangy jam contrasts well with the aromatic lavender biscuits. (recipe...
  5. Caribbean girl

    Oranges or tangerines?

    Which do you prefer, oranges or tangerines? These 2 fruits seem to be part of the same family. However, there is some difference between them. I tend to buy oranges a lot more often than tangerines, but would buy tangerines on occasion, especially if there are no oranges in the store. I tend...
  6. ChowDownBob

    Is it just me - or do pips take all the fun out of eating oranges and grapes?

    I love oranges, satsumas, tangerines, and grapes but only the seedless variety. Whenever I get a pipped (is that even a word?) grape or orange I end up moving them around in my mouth to manipulate the pip to the front and it takes all the enjoyment out of eating it. How about you?
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