yellow/white mustard seeds

  1. flyinglentris

    Recipe Salmon Scallop Snow Pea Soup

    Salmon Scallop Snow Pea Soup: Ingredients: 1) Salmon - 2" wide cut from thickest part of a fillet 2) Scallops - 8 to 10 large 3) Snow Peas - 10 to 12 4) Garlic cloves - 8 5) Scallion - 1 6) Half n half - 2 to 3 tblspns. 7) Butter - 1 tblspn. 8) Wine, Albariño - 1 cup 9) Oregano - 2 tspns...
  2. CraigC

    Recipe Bavarian Sweet-Hot Mustard

    Ingredients 1-1/2 cups quality white wine vinegar 3/4 cups beer - dark or medium, just whatever flavor you prefer 3 ounces apple juice 8 ounces Mexican cane sugar (unprocessed cane sugar juice reduced to a thick syrup then dried in molds, very dense and hard, color similar to dark brown sugar)...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Spicy Mixed Mushroom Pizza (vegan)

    You could of course use just one type of mushrooms here if you wish but the mixed mushrooms do look more dramatic. You could also add cheese of your choice in which case I’d put it under the mushrooms so that the mushroom shapes still stand out. I love the way the individual mustard seeds are...
  4. Herbie

    Recipe Honey Apple Mustard

    I've found me recipe! 1 cup water 1 cup apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup yellow mustard powder (Coleman's) 1 cup yellow mustard seeds 3/4 cup brown mustard seeds 3 tsp minced garlic 2 cups stewed apples 1/2 tsp turmeric Honey to taste Mix the first set of ingredients and leave over night Mix the...
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Sweet, Hot & Sour Mustard Sauce

    So, this mustard spice challenge.... I just had to make some of my own for a change. I have loads of different mustards in and around the place, from yellow mustard seeds to black/brown mustard seeds, to wholegrain mustard, to Coleman's mustard powder to Swedish mustard and back to French...
  6. Elawin

    Recipe Stout Mustard

    Stout Mustard Ingredients: 50 g/2 oz white mustard seeds 50 g/2 oz black mustard seeds 75 g/3 oz soft light brown sugar 2 tsp ground allspice pinch ground cinnamon 1 tsp coarse salt 1 tsp black peppercorns 1 tsp paprika ½ tsp turmeric 125 ml/4 fl oz red wine vinegar 3 tbsp stout Method: 1...
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