Asparagus Burger

Discussion in 'Outdoor Cooking and BBQs' started by DonMichele, 29 Aug 2018.

  1. DonMichele

    DonMichele New Member

    Southern Germany
    Hi guys,
    It does not always have to be the classic cheeseburger.
    Here I would like to introduce you to a delicious combination with green asparagus.

    The pre-cooked asparagus is wrapped in bacon and grilled. On the patty comes some Parmesan cheese.

    When assembled, homemade hollandaise sauce comes to the bottom of the bun and a bit more over the asparagus.
    Here are a few pictures:





    Really tasty!

    I hope you liked it.

    Greetings Michael :)
  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Charred asparagus is delicious and I like the idea of Hollandaise on the burger. Do you cook outside all year round @DonMichele?
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  3. CraigC

    CraigC Über Member

    SE Florida
    @DonMichele, do you cook with Speck? If so, put up a recipe at your convenience. Long story short we bought some hog jowl to make Guanciale, but ended up making Speck which I smoked over alder. So far my wife has made Kaeserspaetzle with it. We are always looking for new recipes or ideas. My oma, after she moved to the US, couldn't find it here so the dish that my wife made with it was the first time I'd ever had it.
  4. DonMichele

    DonMichele New Member

    Southern Germany
    Thank you very much!

    Yes, outside and inside.
    Barbecues have no season for me. :happy:
  5. DonMichele

    DonMichele New Member

    Southern Germany
    Only today I cooked with Guanciale!
    There was pasta alla Gricia with Guanciale and Pecorino Romano.
    Was very good.
    20180829_150449.jpg 20180829_161149.jpg 20180829_161224.jpg
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