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Avocados how to freeze ??


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18 Mar 2018
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1:39 PM
Christchurch New Zealand
My wife said you can freeze these, I don't know much about them and have only been eating them in the last few years.
I didn't grow up with them I only know because my daughter loves them. At one point here they were $7 ea and were also being stolen from orchards for the black market.
How do you preserve or pro long their life please.?

If it's the texture that your wife and daughter love about avocados, which is for the most part the attraction to these beautiful fruit, then your out of luck. You could puree in a smoothie but not any good for guac, if you like it chunky. Smooth then maybe, and that's a big maybe from me and probably a fail because I've never done that but I've heard from piers in the industry that to forget freezing them. No help I know, just my opinion.
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