Recipe Blackberries and Cocoa Beans Smoothie


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17 Feb 2017
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7:23 AM
Milano, Italy

This smoothie is full of vitamins, proteins, minerals, anthocyanins and antioxidants – and it tastes great.

It’s so energising that it’s the perfect breakfast, to start the day in the best of moods.

Serves: 2 | Preparation time: 5 mins

  • Room temperature water: 90 ml
  • Soy or goat milk: 70 ml
  • Blackberries: 8
  • Cocoa beans: 4
  • Oat/spelt/wholegrain biscuits: 4
  • Bananas: 1
  • Cinnamon powder: half a tsp

Wash the blackberries, peel the banana and cut it in small pieces.

Put the ingredients all together in a food processor. Make sure that the water is at room temperature for optimal results.

Blend for a couple of minutes, checking every now and then whether the cocoa beans have been crushed as well; as they are very bitter, it’s important to not leave big pieces in the smoothie.

Once all the ingredients are blended together in a homogeneous texture, your smoothie is ready to be serves!

Tip: By changing the quantities of the various ingredients you can make your smoothie more firm or more liquid, according to your taste.
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