Recipe Cheats Truffle Omelette

Burt Blank

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25 Jun 2020
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2:08 AM
Split Croatia
With the current chat about eggs.
Prep 24 hrs before. Place the very fresh eggs in a plastic bag with your complete fresh truffle, seal and store in the fridge. As you all know eggs absorb smell like a sponge..
Make a fine dice of a dark gilled mushroom. Fry in butter till any moisture has evaporated. Store in fridge.

2 hours before, take the bag of eggs and the dice mush out of the fridge so the get to room temp.

Whisk eggs and fry as normal, before you fold and plate, sprinkle with the diced mush.
Plate and with your truffle shaver set to fine, decorate with a few slices. Drizzle a bit of Truffle oil on to complete the con.
Istria where my wife comes from has plentiful wild mushrooms and truffles. The hidden treasure of Istria: The record-breaking “Great White”.
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