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12 Apr 2019
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Hilltowns of Massachusetts
I'm supporting the American Chestnut Foundation, where they are trying to develop a resistant tree that is mostly from the American stock, but including a minimal amount of Chinese chestnut stock . I think that the American stock was a large-trunked tree with the ability to provide serious wood in ways that the Chinese one cannot quite max.

I have several of the saplings from the crosses in my wooded area (since I know someone involved with the process). What they've already discovered is that these trees will not thrive in regular fields that get plowed down a lot, so my 5 or 6 mini-saplings are back in the woodlot, where they get (hopefully) enough dappled sunlight to survive and outcompete weeds.

We shall see. Also, I don't know if mine have resistance - as the chestnut blight is pretty invasive . May take time to know.

I recall being a kid, walking through New York, New Jersey, and New England woods, and seeing stumps of old chestnuts, with small branches trying to raise out and above, with that spectacular and iconographic chestnut shape to those leaves. This would be what I'd see growing in the early and mid 60s.
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