Recipe Chocolate milk to die for (Super Healthy & super easy)

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  1. pinkcherrychef

    pinkcherrychef Active Member

    This recipe is very easy to make and very healthy. To all the moms out there your kids will love you to death for making this for them. Or if you just love chocolate milk like me and want a healthy version of it that will make your taste buds say oh my gosh I love you! Then this recipe is for you.
    Time:3 mins or less
    1 cup of milk
    1tsp of cocoa
    1 tiny itty bitty pinch of salt
    1 little pinch of cinamon
    1 tiny pinch of ground cloves
    1/4 tsp vanilla extract (or less depends on your taste)
    2 tbs of molasses (you can put more if you want)
    1. Put all of your dry ingredients in your cup and slowly add a little of milk at a time and stir it in slowly. If you don't do this it will clump and you will have to take time smashing the clumps with your a spoon instead of enjoying your wonderful beverage right away.
    2. Once all of your milk is poured then it's time to enjoy that wonderful to die for chocolate milk.

    P.S.Before I created this recipe I was using a copycat recipe for nesquick, but one day I ran out of sugar so I tried molasses and never added sugar ever again. After that I added more things creating my own unique recipe. I hope you like it ^-^
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  2. MypinchofItaly

    MypinchofItaly Über Member Recipe Challenge Judge

    Looks very delicious..could I replace molasses with honey or maple syrup?
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  3. Francesca

    Francesca Guest

    @pinkcherrychef / @MypinchofItaly

    Sounds good however, I cannot drink cow´s milk ( intolerance ) ..

    I am sure it would work with Bio Almond Milk or goat´s milk and honey as well ..

    Molasses is relatively unheard of in Spain and though it is sold on small scale in Health Food Shops, it is very expensive ( 48 Euros for an itsy bitsy tin or can of it from Canada .. )
  4. pinkcherrychef

    pinkcherrychef Active Member

    You can use whichever as long as it taste good to you. Just make sure to taste test first and make sure you like it. I've never tried it with maple syrup or honey but it sounds good.
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  5. pinkcherrychef

    pinkcherrychef Active Member

    :eek:No molasses except in health food stores! :hug:you need a hug for that. At least you have some. Honey and maple syrup are just as good I just love molasses lol. If you can get some I highly recommend you try it. Oh also I'm sure almond milk would taste amazing with it. Soy milk even better. I love soy milk and almond milk but here in Egypt that's impossible to find except in specialized stores and they cost a good chunk of Egyptian pounds to buy.
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  6. Francesca

    Francesca Guest


    When my husband and I had travelled to Boston 2 years ago, we enjoyed a trip over to Quebec and Montreal .. Molasses is used frequently there as it is a local product .. Quite sweet !

    I recall having pomegranate juice with a drizzle of it at the Hotel Buffet for breakfast ..

    However, in Spain, not to be repetitive, it is costly at: 48 Euros for a tiny can or tin imported from the world´s largest producer .. We do not have these hard Wood trees here ..

    Have a lovely day .. Off to take a Gondlier ( we are in Venice - Italy ) on our vacation ..
  7. Sweet Anna

    Sweet Anna New Member

    Oh, I really like chocolate cocktails. Will replacing milk with natural yogurt spoil the taste of this delicious cocktail? I like culinary experiments :)
  8. pinkcherrychef

    pinkcherrychef Active Member

    Cocktail? What do you mean by Cocktail I'm confused? Did you perhaps post your message on the wrong thread?
  9. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    I think she means 'smoothie'.

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