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    In forums where you are allowed to create a poll at the bottom of the text box, and below the Create Thread button, there will be a Post A Poll section. You may need to scroll down the page to see it.

    post a poll.jpg

    Most of it is fairly obvious.
    • Question: Just type in the question for the poll
    • Possible Responses are the options that you are presenting to members. 2 boxes are shown by default and at least 2 need to be filled in. If you want more, then click on the Add Additional Response button and you will get another line. Click on it again and you will be up to 4... you can have a maximum of 10.
    • Maximum Selectable Responses is basically how many answers you will allow members to select. Single response, unlimited or you choose which the maximum a member can select
    • Options: this is where you set any restrictions, such as allowing members to change their vote, allowing the results to be seen publically and without it, you will be the only person who can see the answers, allow the results to be seen without voting, and finally setting a time limit on the poll.

    Now click Create Thread as normal.
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