Help! is the fifth studio album by English rock band the Beatles and the soundtrack from their film Help!. It was released on 6 August 1965. Produced by George Martin, it was the fifth UK album release by the band, and contains fourteen songs in its original British form. Seven of these, including the singles "Help!" and "Ticket to Ride", appeared in the film and took up the first side of the vinyl album. The second side contained seven other releases including the most-covered song ever written, "Yesterday".The American release was a true soundtrack album, mixing the first seven songs with instrumental material from the film. Of the other seven songs that were on the British release, two were released on the US version of the next Beatles album, Rubber Soul, two were back-to-back on the next US single and then appeared on Yesterday and Today, and three had already been on Beatles VI.
Help! was nominated in the category of Album of the Year at the 1966 Grammys Awards, marking the first time that a rock band had been recognised in this category. In 2012, it was ranked 331st on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time". In September 2013, after the British Phonographic Industry changed its sales award rules, the album was certified platinum for recorded sales since 1994.

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  1. rascal

    Hush puppies help?

    Watching restaurant impossible last night and the subject of hush pippi came up. The restaurant thought theirs was best? Robert made his smy they got people to approve, his was gar better than the other. He put caramelized onions and spices in his and they loved them. So I'm no wiser to what...
  2. TastyReuben

    Help me with this wine, please!

    Ok, I do this far more than I like to admit: I bought this wine, pictured below, to use in a specific recipe, probably back in October. Do I have even the vaguest idea what that dish was, or even what family or cuisine that dish fell under? Of course not! I’m 56yo and losing my 🤬 memory...
  3. D

    pressurized garlic jar, please help

    ive had an airtight jar containing multiple peeled cloves of garlic in the fridge for around 2ish months and last time i opened it was extremely pressurized and kinda exploded the lid off kinda and just hte most intense smell of garlic hit me. Is this safe???? its not rotten or gone soft...
  4. heisann999

    Help with buying American ingredients

    Hello, I enjoy exploring and trying out American recipes, but it can be difficult to get hold of the right ingredients here in Norway. Some of them are also difficult to order via Internet, because few American stores ship to Norway. And if they do, shipping costs are extremely high. I want to...
  5. LissaC

    Help! My falafel are falling apart

    Hi everyone, I made this falafel recipe twice. Both times, the falafel are falling apart! I tried pulsing them on the food processor longer the second time, but they still fall apart. When I try to shape them I end up with bits of falafel dough everywhere and they keep falling apart inside the...
  6. cook4real

    Ways to cook corn

    So I'm trying to find a new way to cook corn, off the cob. I want something different besides just plain buttered corn. Any ideas?
  7. Wyshiepoo

    Help with ingredients.

    Hi all, I'd like to tap into the knowledge of the C Biters collective. I have a recipe for tamarind beef balti. Unfortunately one of the ingredients is brown onion seeds. I can't find brown onion seeds anywhere. I can find seeds for brown onions but not brown seeds. I have, of course, got...
  8. rascal

    Piri piri sauce experience help needed

    I know I can giggle but any one have any experience or tips on making it. It comes up quite a bit lately. Watching rick last night he said it originally came from Mozambique. It's Swahili and means peppe pepper. Any recipes or tips appreciated. Russ
  9. Flawed

    Anyone here from Asia to help with making Urutan?

    Hi, wondering if anyone has a traditional recipe for making a cured Urutan sausage ? The ones I have found on line are fairly lacking and contradict each other so wondered if anyone had a family recipe I could try?
  10. Miss Lynn

    Boring breakfasts, HELP!!!!

    Breakfast, most especially on Sundays when the whole family is here, is boring. I want some zing, some zip, some taste, some Umami. Oh, and they each have a zillion things they hate to eat. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :hyper: Lynn
  11. ElizabethB

    Help me please

    I hope that MypinchofItaly will reply. I also hope that some of you have an Italian heritage. G is dead set on making Italian Sausage in the next day or two. I am OK with that but I want it to be superb, old country Italian Sausage. G has called all of his sausage making Buds for recipes...
  12. H

    Can anyone help with Keto advice?

    Hi all, Absolutely love this forum! I need you help if possible, I got this free keto recipe ebook and the recipes are really good, but I just want to make sure they are actually going to help me? Can anyone help? Thank you!
  13. ElizabethB

    Help with Decorated Holiday Cookies

    You have all heard me say that I am not a baker. I have spread my wings a little with a Carrot Cake, Everything Lemon, Lemon Cake and a dark Chocolate Cake. I want to try decorated Holiday cookies. I have watched numerous YouTube videos. I think I can get the Royal Icing for piping and...
  14. ElizabethB

    Need help with Smoked Pork Tasso

    caseydog and CraigC and anyone else with a smoker. George has a large Masterbuilt electric smoker. He tried making Tasso and ended up cooking it instead of smoking. How thick do you cut your pork? Do you just season or marinade? How long and at what temperature do you smoke the meat? I...
  15. B

    Requesting help with beef & mushroom stew...

    Hi, I'm new here having joined earlier today. One of our favorite suppers on work nights is slow cooker beef & mushroom stew. I sear the beef and the mushrooms before putting them in the slow cooker. I'm having trouble picking the best liquid medium. I've tried the grocery store options in...
  16. M

    Help Identifying a Nut

    Hello, I somehow found myself in possession of what appears to be a nut, but have no idea what it is. At first I thought it might have been the pit of some citrus fruit, but now I am wholly unsure. I thought maybe one of you more experienced wielders of nuts could help me. I took the...
  17. Morning Glory

    Help choose a dish for the next 'Cookalong'

    The concept of the Cookalong is to try out 'classic’ or regional recipes that we haven't cooked before and/or practice techniques that are new to us. Suggestions need to be reasonably specific not generic terms such as ‘wraps’ or ‘stews’ or 'pizzas', for example. There are no winners - its...
  18. T

    Christmas pudding help!!

    I have made 5 Xmas pudding today and they are on the hob steaming. The recipe suggests steaming for 3.5 hours then a further 3.5 on Xmas day. The problem is, I forgot to cover the pans for the first 1.5 hours of steaming. Should I increase the steam time by an hour or more or don’t worry...
  19. S

    Cooking App for Family Recipes Survey

    Hey gang! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. My name is Steve and I am a student working on a phone app for families to store and share their recipes all in one place. We're still in the beginning phase of this but if you have some time and are fond of cooking feel free to take a moment and...
  20. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    New member restrictions

    All new members are restricted as to what they can do on the site. Initially these restrictions include (but are not restricted to) not being able to post hyperlinks, not being able to set the home page web address not being able to set up a signature. not being able to use the Recipe & Video...
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