1. M

    Help Identifying a Nut

    Hello, I somehow found myself in possession of what appears to be a nut, but have no idea what it is. At first I thought it might have been the pit of some citrus fruit, but now I am wholly unsure. I thought maybe one of you more experienced wielders of nuts could help me. I took the...
  2. morning glory

    Help choose a dish for the next 'Cookalong'

    The concept of the Cookalong is to try out 'classic’ or regional recipes that we haven't cooked before and/or practice techniques that are new to us. Suggestions need to be reasonably specific not generic terms such as ‘wraps’ or ‘stews’ or 'pizzas', for example. There are no winners - its...
  3. T

    Christmas pudding help!!

    I have made 5 Xmas pudding today and they are on the hob steaming. The recipe suggests steaming for 3.5 hours then a further 3.5 on Xmas day. The problem is, I forgot to cover the pans for the first 1.5 hours of steaming. Should I increase the steam time by an hour or more or don’t worry...
  4. S

    Cooking App for Family Recipes Survey

    Hey gang! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. My name is Steve and I am a student working on a phone app for families to store and share their recipes all in one place. We're still in the beginning phase of this but if you have some time and are fond of cooking feel free to take a moment and...
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    New member restrictions

    All new members are restricted as to what they can do on the site. Initially these restrictions include (but are not restricted to) not being able to post hyperlinks, not being able to set the home page web address not being able to set up a signature. not being able to use the Recipe & Video...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    The Weekly Digest Email (Subscribing or Unsubscribing)

    Once a week, the system will send you an email telling you what is going on on CookingBites. It will only send you this email if you are are currently active on CookingBites or have been active on CB in the last 4 weeks. There are 2 ways to no longer receiving these emails. Leave the site...
  7. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Too many emails?

    By default, the system is configured to only send you a weekly digest of what is going on, let you know when you've been sent a private message (PM) or let you know when you've been mentioned in a post. However, in the early days on a new site, it can seem like a good idea to configure the...
  8. Windangel

    Need help with salad recipe

    Hi all. I am trying to come up with a recipe for a red vampire salad but I can't find a recipe anywhere that pleases me. None of them quite have the ingredients I want. I could just throw the veggies together in a bowl and serve it, but I want to get the proportions right so I can recreate it...
  9. rascal

    Lemons..... help required

    we have 2 lemon trees bearing fruit now, I normally freeze lots of the juice in ice cubes then put in a big plastic bag for the freezer. Great with my gin. Last year I was at an all you can eat place and I don't normally eat dessert but as it was paid for I tried a lemon cheesecake. It was the...
  10. morning glory

    Help us choose Dish of the Month for May!

    Its the last day of April so we need to decide on a Dish of the Month for May. Each month we choose a different and accessible dish so that most of us can join in, cook and post the results. So far we have had Frittata, Burgers and Pizza. Any suggestions are welcome but it needs to be a dish...
  11. TodayInTheKitchen

    Help me name this character!

    Hello CookingBites Community. As many of you know, I run a Cooking Blog. Recently, I had an artist draw a "super hero" which will be used on my blog. But I am having difficulty choosing a creative name. So I am turning to the creative forces on CookingBites to offer their suggestions! Super Chef...
  12. morning glory

    Help us choose Dish of the Month for April!

    Its not quite the end of March but we need to decide on a Dish of the Month for April. To clarify, this is a new feature. Each month we choose a different and accessible dish so that most of us can join in, cook and post the results. In February we had Frittata and this month, Burgers. Should...
  13. Mfeltz5103

    Recipe Caramel mousse help

    Ok, so I have the following caramel mousse recipe: 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 2 cups heavy cream, 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract. Next it goes in a bowl & refrigerates for 3 hours. Lastly, add unflavored gelatin (softened for 5 minutes on 3 Tbsp cold water),1/4...
  14. ParfaitForFourFlutes

    What's Your Favourite Meal? +Help request

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to cooking and was wondering: what your favourite meals are and why? My favourite that I've had (though never cooked- had it at a friends place) was this soup, I think its called French Onion Soup - it was superb, with homemade bread, some high-quality cheese that I...
  15. averysteve

    Questionnaire for new home cooking education platform

    Hi awesome CookingBites home cooks :) I'm Steve Avery, the founder of a new online education platform for home cooking, with exclusive classes taught by the world's best chefs, who share and teach their favorite techniques and food through intimate storytelling and hands-on teaching. Think...
  16. U

    A mess would count as exciting but.. Katsu help please.

    Hi people from the forum~! Perhaps you could help me out? I've been feeling rather depressed for a while now and after seeing a certain show thought it might be fun to make something ..that's the hope atleast. :) Now though since I've always been a bit picky(trying to fix it, really supa am.)...
  17. C

    Need help boiling eggs in microwave

    Hi, This is my microwave oven. I want to boil eggs. At what "Power" and how much time should I set to boil eggs ? I need to fill a bowl with water and merge the eggs right ?
  18. pinkcherrychef

    Herbs and spices help

    Well, here in Egypt it's kind o hard to find some things that I could find so easily in America. There are some herbs and spices here I don't even recognize either. That's normal though when living in a different country other than your homeland. It's rather hard to find a good resource to...
  19. pinkcherrychef

    Healthy Frosting Recipe Help

    Well my hubby and I are having our first anniversary this weekend. To celebrate I'm going to make a healthy tasty cake. The only issue is I only no 2 main ingredients you can use for making frosting that make frosting. The first is powdered sugar. I don't use sugar in anything anymore not...
  20. B

    Can you help me find a recipe?

    Im looking to make agglio ollio pizza with olive oil and garlic base,and optional cheese,but i cant seem to find a good recipe anywhere,especially there isnt a single video on you tube for this pizza(strange).
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