Cucumber - Skin on, skin off???

19 Oct 2012
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9:41 PM
So, I prefer my skin on, think it taste nicer and is more healthy. My other half takes the skin off as she is concerned with the pesticides.
I presume washing the salad would remove as much as possible.

Is there much nutritional value in cucumber skin??

According to this article, yes, there is value in the skin. However, other sources agree with your OH, so the jury's out on that one. Personally, I like the skin on as well. It looks nicer, and it gives the cucumber a pleasing texture. My husband prefers it without the skin as well, so I do a piece for me, then peel a piece for him. I would think scrubbing the cucumber with a vegetable brush would get rid of any pesticide residues.
I am definitely a skins on person, if I can either grow my own or purchase it in a 'western' country. I rarely peel any veg even when a recipe says to. Homegrown cucumbers are the best I have ever tasted and they are skins on each and every time.
Once we got out of western europe, we found that it always came skins off for 'health' reasons which just put me off eating it in the first place!
I've never really thought about what might be on the skin - I've always just sliced, diced or stripped it and eaten it as is - skin on.
they look good enough to eat

They were eaten by our neighbours chickens - none of the humans like them :( and there's only 2 of us :)

We planted all the old seeds we had from the UK - didn't expect such a productive garden :cool:
On. Deffo.
I suppose you could be getting some residue from pesticides etc but washing take anything off the outside and that which may have been absorbed would surely be minimal. Wouldn't that also be in the flesh of the fruit anyway?

Breathing in a few lungfuls of air in most cities would probably do more harm.
Whatever, I'll take the risk.
Skin on. Without it, they are just water!

To be fancy in a salad, you can peel strips of peel off, giving slices with stripy edges.
I eat them with the skin on if I get them from a garden or if I buy the organic ones at the store. Otherwise I will take the skin off.
It depends what kind of preparations I will do for a cucumber. For fresh raw vegetables salad and dishes I have it skin on. But for blending I prefer it to be skin off. Most of the times I soaked my cucumber before using it in water with salt and vinegar for 30 minutes to one hour for cleaning its skin and they say it is also a way of removing any pesticides it had on the its skin.
Skin on. Without it, they are just water!

To be fancy in a salad, you can peel strips of peel off, giving slices with stripy edges.

Hi...over here we also have another way to make it fancy. instead of peeling the skin off in strips, we use a fork to rake the surface of the cucumber from end to end (the length of the cucumber). grooves will be formed and by the time u finish the whole cucumber will be grooved and rough to the touch. not much to look at as a whole, but once u cut it into slices then the grooves will form a uniformed pattern of pale & deep colours.

Bcos i'm a newbie I cant upload any pics to show this, sorry :unsure:
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