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  1. HornedDemoN

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    A great food that I believe helps depression is dark chocolate. It sounds ridiculous and I may be deluding myself, but I tend to find that it always makes me feel a little bit better. Still, going overboard with it gives me the opposite effect. But it's amazing to think that something as simple as that can have an affect on your general mood and how you're feeling throughout the day.
  2. Lullabelle

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    Leicester UK
    Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you as is red wine, but with everything moderation is the key.
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    Southeast Asia
    I think that there are no certain diets or type of foods that could help to alleviate the symptoms of depression. There is no emphasis relating them to each other. It is because when a person is in the state of depression their thinking is the one affected that is why they have no peace of mind that makes them to suffer from anxieties. It is only when they already avoided thinking too much that they can be able to cope up with the depression.
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    I would say getting rid of stress factors will help anyone going through depression. Just as important is the need to find someone to talk to. I mean, really talk to the person about all that is bugging you. I managed to get over depression after quitting my full time job to become a writer. I now have more time in my hands to try out great recipes too!
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    In all honesty, food is not going to help like a prescription would. I have treatment resistant depression, part of which STEMS from food, because I'm a comfort eater and have put on a lot of weight doing so. It took me years to find the right med combination to get my depression and anxiety at least manageable, and now I'm able to live a fairly normal life. But before that, or if I miss my meds? I'm a mess. Medication is here for a reason, so why not use it if it's going to improve your life? :) That's my take on it, anyway. (And if you, your friend, or anyone reading have any questions about how to find help, feel free to ask! I am very passionate about mental health awareness, and am glad to assist. :)
  6. kgord

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    Virginia, USA
    I try to eat dark chocolate. I am no sure if it elevates my mood but it does help with preventing strokes I know that, so that is why I tend to eat it. The flavonoids found in the chocolate are very beneficial, so this is one of the things you can look forward to with dark chocolate. I have heard too many good things about it not to eat it.
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    I do not know what a real depression feels like but whenever I feel like sad on a given day I eat the food that makes me happy. A cheat day on some occasions is not bad for me. Sweets and chocolates make me happy but I do not overdo it.
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    Hey linea, tell her to enjoy every moment she is going through or help her to distract her. She'll be fine. Keep her diet normal just don't let it down and take her to any spa or have home massage of your whole body. Massage will help her to relax mentally and physically also. Also her skin will improve and you can motivate her also with respect to skin, that become this or that. She'll improve soon. And she'll going to love your support also. Try it. Health, nutrition and special diets will improve her health but this can give relaxation and wellness with beauty too.
  9. AliceJones

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    And if she want, she can have a look at this site for more information. And just take care of her.
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    Chuck all the fancy stuff and eat what you LIKE [as above chccy is good if you like it]. Stop worrying about what's good and bad - it's just more stress. Eat reasonably drink a little and exercise - no not six hours in a gym just stop using the lift and taking the car to the mail box. Just as an aside, not really foody [although it can be] start a 'happy' diary [this helped my wife a great deal] every day do something nice and in the evening write in a notebook 'today I did xxxx and enjoyed it'. Pass it on - it's surprising how it can help.
  11. Pat

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    Chamomile tea and lemon balm help to increase moods when you are in the dumps. Lavender is also a good herb to help calm a person that maybe having a stressful day.
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    Hot chilli releases endorphins! I swear by it...
  13. SatNavSaysStraightOn

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    NSW, Australia
    this is actually true and there are even pharmaceutical grade creams (so prescription only) that are made from capsaicin which is what is the hot stuff in chilis.
    These 2 also make for an interesting read.
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  14. morning glory

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    This is all good news. I must try rubbing chillis on my poor arthritic thumb joints which are getting worse lately. I wonder if that would work?
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  15. SatNavSaysStraightOn

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    long term chili use is reported to be good for arthritis so it could work if you keep it up.

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