Dinner club


18 Mar 2018
Local time
9:58 PM
Christchurch New Zealand
As some of you know we go to dinner club first Wednesday of the month. Being December we normally go a bit up market. We went to tutto bene, an Italian place. Two things came up, I ordered the lasagne. One of our friends asked why I ordered that when they know I make it. The answer simple, I make great lasagne, but this place has the best ever!! After all it's supposed to be a treat, right.?
My wife ordered pumpkin and pea risotto , I said to her you can have that any time at home. The night was brilliant, only slight complaint was the noise. Although if you take into account joyful Italians drinking and eating its prolly acceptable.
On the way home wife said her risotto was no better than mine. I knew she should have ordered the lamb.

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