Do you get bored making the same meals?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Food Discussions' started by Zyni, 5 Feb 2016.

  1. Zyni

    Zyni Regular Member

    I really don't mean to complain. I'm grateful to have plenty to eat. I do get a little bored making the same foods frequently though. I like to try new things, but my family is rather picky. Sometimes, I make a separate meal for myself, especially if we're not all going to eat at the same time on a particular day. That way, I get to try new things every so often.

    Do you get bored or do you make lots of different food all the time?
  2. Caribbean girl

    Caribbean girl Well-Known Member

    I tend to cook the same type of meals on a regular basis. It is usually varied throughout the week, but there are mostly all familiar dishes. On rare occasions I would try something new and different, but this is not the norm. I would not say that I get bored cooking these meals though. I have become accustomed to doing them often, so they come easy to me. What I may change at times though, are some of the ingredients or spices that I add to the dish. I may omit a certain spice, or add another one as the case may be.
  3. L_B

    L_B Active Member

    I tend to cook the same types of meals through the weekend but on weekends we like to try new things. We like to have big meals on Sunday. I do get tired sometimes of having the same things so we do change things up. Even though the meals may appear the same we use different spices and ingredients depending on what we have on hand.
  4. winterybella

    winterybella Veteran

    I go both ways @Zyni. I can get stuck preparing the same thing for a while and then I get tired and move on to the next thing and sometimes it just feels like a cycle.
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  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    SatNavSaysStraightOn Site Owner Staff Member

    A Pom in NSW, Aus
    We don't tend to eat the same thing that often so we don't normally get bored with what we eat. It is rare for the same meal to be cooked more than once in a month. That said, I am a touch fed up with my lunches at the moment because I'm on a diet and 200 calories for lunch is really hard to stick to and have variety!
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  6. Shermie

    Shermie Veteran

    Brighton, MA.

    I get that way a lot!

    Seems like there should be other things to try for meals, instead of the same old stuff all the time!! :headshake::stop:
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  7. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    To me, 200 kcals is quite a lot for lunch. I could do loads of things within that limit. Perhaps I will start a thread under '200 kcals meals'. I think I'm a bit odd though. I can literally starve myself all day, just so I can eat a good meal in the evening. I'm going to have a think about this.
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  8. MrsDangermouse

    MrsDangermouse Über Member

    Hampshire, UK
    I think its easy to get stuck in a rut - when you're working all day sometimes you just don't want to have to think about what to cook in an evening so its easy to fall back to the tried and tested favourites. I try to avoid this by making a weekly meal plan in advance - we'll sit down at the weekend and plan what we'll have each evening and because we tend to do it when we're not stressed after a day at work its much easier to think of different things to try.
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  9. I go through phases really - sometimes we will have the same sort of meals on rotation for a while, and other times I'll cook seven different dinners in a week because I just want to try out some new things. It very much comes and goes!
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  10. swalia

    swalia Member

    Yeah, I do. I get bored by making the same meals as well as eating the same meals. I like variety and so I keep on experimenting with food.
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  11. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    There are times that our dishes are almost the same, a repeat of the last week or the other week. Mostly pork or chicken that my husband sometimes forget that we had that already. So now I made a list like a menu so we can have a guide of what to cook and also to be reminded of dishes that we haven't tasted for a long time. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of what we eat especially when we are busy with work. But this thread reminds me that it is not really boring to cook the same dish over and over, what's boring is eating the same.
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  12. Zyni

    Zyni Regular Member

    It's both for me, because I enjoy the process of cooking too (well, most of the time). I like to add some different touches at least. I like to learn and try new recipes or techniques. I'm a creative person, so I like to create in the kitchen as well. :)
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  13. purplepen88

    purplepen88 Regular Member

    I'm the same way, I do get bored making the same meals. I feel like I have the same 10 meals I make more often than others. I keep a recipe box in the kitchen and every once in a while I'll go through for some old tried and true recipes. If I have some spare time I love reading recipes on the internet and I find that's my way of changing it up at meal times. My kids will tell me if it's a keeper or not. If it's a keeper it goes in the recipe box. Most of the time I revert back to my same 10 dishes because I know my kids love them. I often base my dinners by what proteins are on sale each week too. That helps keep me on the ball with being creative too.
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  14. Zyni

    Zyni Regular Member

    Yep, I have a handful of regular recipes. They show up the most precisely because the ingredients for them are on sale frequently. Also, because of picky eaters. Trying something new is fun too though. I just wish these guys would give more stuff a chance. They might just be surprised and actually like something. :)
  15. Pat

    Pat Active Member

    I cook the same meal most of the time because I am feeding two teenage boys. One eats anything and everything the other is so picky he even tells me how to cook his burger. When I don't want what they are eating I cook just for myself because it does get to be a little boring.

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