Do you get bored making the same meals?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Food Discussions' started by Zyni, 5 Feb 2016.

  1. Zyni

    Zyni Regular Member

    Right, I do that too sometimes. It just gets a bit tiresome when you have to cook separate meals for everyone all the time.

    Plus, I really want to get them to expand their horizons with new and different foods and tastes and textures. I like to try exotic foods and gourmet foods and things of that nature as well.

    I like spaghetti, but you can't have it every night.:)
  2. I don't have much money throughout the month so it can get pretty boring. I've learned to use base ingredients in different ways so come up with new meals. Sorry to hear your family's picky. I have some picky eaters in my family as well haha.
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  3. Bakemehappy

    Bakemehappy Regular Member

    I usually do not have much time to prepare and plan for a meal that would explain it why I almost always cook the same dish. First, as a beginner I need to learn new recipes on my own. I got no one near to ask but my phone or pc. It is quite boring having to eat the same food on a regular basis but I am pretty sure soon I will be able to learn a couple more recipes.
  4. Zyni

    Zyni Regular Member

    You can do it. :) If you learned to cook one thing, you can learn to cook others. Just start with simple recipes and work your way up. There are tons of recipes online and many even have tutorials or videos that will show you exactly what to do.

    Plus, you have this site. :D People here are more than happy to help or try to answer any questions you might have.
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  5. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Regular Member

    In my meal planning, there are a few select dishes that we absolutely love but only should eat a few times per month. One of those dishes is my char sui grilled pork belly. We would eat that everyday if we could. Then we have several other dishes that we have every other week. Certain things we never get tired of. My hubby can't do without his fried rice. That obviously can be switched up and varied since it is a very versatile dish. Being chinese, I'm able to do a variety of stir fries though. I do tend to do curries, and chili's too since we have a varied cuisine as well! In one week we can go from indian, to greek, to chinese.
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  6. foodlover

    foodlover Member

    birmingham, UK
    i have this issue, my partner is an extremely fussy eater and always has been, so im limited as to what i can cook when hes home, it always ends up being very similar!
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  7. Bakemehappy

    Bakemehappy Regular Member

    Yes, I do agree that it is now easier learning almost any skill with the help of the internet. I am glad to read about real stories of people who had tried cooking a certain recipe. I am quite sure that what they share is really of great help to those who might not have the confidence in the kitchen just like me.
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  8. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Active Member

    Southeast Asia
    For me I will not get bored of making the same meals everyday. What is important is that we are lucky not unlike other people who don't have food to eat. That is why I will not complain and this is what I am thanking for that we are blessed to have something to eat everyday in our life. And one thing it is just easy I can innovate new recipes and I will do this so that we can have a different menu for our meals.
  9. Zyni

    Zyni Regular Member

    I agree with you about how important it is to be thankful, and I am grateful. I don't really think that wanting to try new thing is the same as complaining. I am happy to have good food to eat, and if I did have to eat the same thing everyday, I would still be grateful. My issue is more about creativity and enjoying new experiences. I want to make new menus too. That's the idea. My family just isn't as into trying new stuff as I am.
  10. dianadee

    dianadee Guest

    Sometimes the day to day cooking can be not as thrilling as preparing a delicious meal for friends and family.

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  11. zoribrida

    zoribrida Member

    I actually enjoy cooking the same things over and over again (because it's easy, I guess), but I start to feel guilty about it. There are so many recipes out there and so many products to "play" with. I try to diversify as much as I can while at the same time keeping a frugal lifestyle. My goal is to try at least one new recipe each week. Sometimes I end up trying more:) Knowing that I've tried something new makes me feel much more accomplished in the kitchen and washes the feeling of guilt that tries to take over me every single day.
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  12. Loopulk

    Loopulk New Member

    Well I think it all depends really. If I have a spare day on the weekend, I love to try to make something new. However, if I don't have lots of spare time, I don't risk it. I would rather play it safe with something that I know how to make and know that I like.
  13. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    I think that's fantastic - that you aim to try out one new recipe a week! We should all follow you...
  14. zoribrida

    zoribrida Member

    Thank you so much, @morning glory ! I try to have a monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists and that's how I make sure I get to my priorities first (cooking included). Honestly, if it wasn't for those to-do lists, I admit I won't get anything done most of the time.:oops:
  15. MarriedGirl15

    MarriedGirl15 New Member

    United States
    Yes, I get bored making the same meals. My husband and my oldest daughter doesn't complain but I love trying new things. There are some many great recipes to try. So I don't see why I have to cook the same thing over and over. I don't see a problem with cooking the same meals but I like to try new things.

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