Do you get hangovers?

Not a jot far as I know. You do?
Yes. My father was half American Indian, half Irish. His mother was shunned from her family for marrying my grandpa. Edited to add that it was my grandmother who was Irish. My dad had brown skin, black hair, and gray blue eyes.

And my maternal grandmother was full-blooded Norwegian and my maternal grandfather was of English, Irish, and American Indian ancestry.
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And who said it was the Irish who were the only blighters who could drink you under the table?
We Brits have considerable pedigree...:D:D:D
Well my maternal grandma (Norwegian) was a bit of a controller. She didn't let grandpa drink. And he had both Irish and English blood.
I'm part chinese part portuguese but my liver is 100% chinese! Just one beer or glass of wine is all it takes to make me giddy and slightly dizzy. I wish I could tolerate alcohol better because I love it. I love how alcohol tastes especially strong, distilled drinks like vodka or gin, which I enjoy drinking on their own with nothing added to them. But just like my mom, I don't take alcohol well.

I haven't been hangover in ages though, and my hangovers were surprisingly rather mild. Last time it happened was at friends 30 year bday party. We were all drinking heavily and I stopped drinking before everyone else but I was still pretty bad. Threw up over a bunch of stuff including my own self. And slept partially covered in it because I felt so tired I just wanted to sleep and decided not to get out of bed. The next morning was nasty. That's the only time it hit real bad. And I can't remember what we were drinking. I only remember there was a bottle of something distilled which we couldn't figure out what it was, the label was in Swedish or Finnish or something like that and had the drawing of a fish bone, tasted real strong just like what I enjoy. We called it fish vodka😂
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