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Would you pay not to view a single advert or accept 1 advert/page to contribute to site finances?

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11 Oct 2012
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I hate having to raise the issue of site donations, but once again I find that they are running dry and before long I need 12 months revenue to keep the site running.

In September this year, I need to have raised enough money from donations to cover the next 12 months server rental along with 12 months of bandwidth, and backup space. This works out at approximately US $120 per month, if I pay all 12 months in advance (how much will depend on my negotiations and if the site moves home again). This is on top of the site software costs (which are in December).

So far this year, Cookingbites has only had 3 donations and 2 of those were before Christmas, only qualifying for this year because I moved them over to it. The last donation being on the 3rd January. (To those who did contribute without me asking, thank you ever so much, and I apologise for asking again.)

I must ask all members to seriously consider donating on a regular basis or helping to contribute via advertisingcosts by accepting a single advert on each page they visit. Until my health permits me to work, it is my husband paying to run this site for all of us to participate on and our ends only just meet as it is. I know money is tight for most of us, but I can't run this site without financial support from its members.

I have an option to "raise" more money to keep the site running using advertising revenue. That way members would have an option of contributing via viewing one advert per page or paying not to view any adverts. I can display a polite message for advert blockers reminding members that I do need help financially to keep this site running and don't contribute, but nothing more.

Currently advertising raises about a quarter of the server costs each year, but this would be higher if members agreed to view a single advert per page visited. How high, I genuinely don't know. Members with advert blockers would need to put CB on the white list (allows adverts) to help pay for the cost of the site without actually contributing financially. No-one would know if you did or didn't. It's would be an honesty basis.

There would/could be an opt out of adverts via contributions on a monthly or annual basis. This is something I can configure quite easily. So if you've contributed $/£/€5, you'd get 1 month without adverts, $/£/€50 would get you 12 months etc. As always it can be done via bank transfer or PayPal. (None of my details have changed.)

So would you be willing to consider paying not to view a single advert or accept viewing 1 advert per page to contribute towards the upkeep of the site?
I've waited with contributing since December because our financial situation was insecure until the end of this month, due to my husband being in his trial period for his new job which wil end on April 1st. Once we're certain he's secure in his job, I will donate regularly again. So after April 1st it's the first thing I'll do.
And I wouldn't mind seeing an and once in a while even if I pay for this site regularly, I want us to keep existing!
Call me stupid, but how can I make a donation?

Okay stupid. :D Look in the top right hand corner of the screen, right next to the "search" button. Click that, and follow the steps. You can use a PayPal account, or use a credit card via PayPal. As expected, PayPal will charge you a fee, but that's PayPal.:rolleyes:

Oh, you can pick your currency, and it will convert.

Call me stupid, but how can I make a donation?
Depends on your interface but there is either a donations button (word donations in the top bar) or a credit card symbol that takes you to general page showing all donation runs, then click on this year's... or just follow this link
Viewing Donation Drive: 2023 - Site & Server Costs


If you want to donate on automatic monthly basis, click your member name, then on the words "monthly donations".


Or if you prefer to do a bank transfer, send me a pm.
If any long term U.S. member has a Chase bank account and uses on-line banking, it is easy to set up a wire transfer, and super, super easy to send subsequent transfers as they store the info. Chase charges your account $5 per transfer, but SatNav gets all of the money instead of having PayPal take out a percentage. I've sent money to her that way several times with no problem.
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