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12 Apr 2022
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2:58 AM
i got to go fishing yesterday. i typically release everything and just enjoy the fight. but this time, my wife wanted me to bring one back. Stripers are coming in from the ocean, so they are extra delicious. we got into them and i released them all except one of the barely legal ones. not many homecooks have a vessel big enough to cook a whole fish. i dont. so i had to cut off it's tail and head. i rarely filet fish. i enjoy the whole fish experience and it feels less waste.

so here it is. Cantanese Steam "whole" Fish.

fish.jpg fishdish.jpg
Looks absolutely fabulous!
I learned to eat "Whole Fish" in Venezuela, where the entire creature will be grilled (or cooked on a hotplate) right in front of you. Nothing like it!
We also liked to do the whole fish baked in salt. I´d just get the fishermen to gut it for me, scrape off the scales, and we´d stuff it with aromatics (leeks, fennel, spring onions, coriander, peppers, soy) then cover it in salt and bake. Glorious!
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