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10 Sep 2013
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I've been on a real salad kick lately, having big salads as full meals.

The outline I try to follow is:

Nutritious green: Kale or Spinach
Additional veggies: tomato, mushroom, cucumber, red onion, whatever is around the house
Protein: Chicken or beans or chick peas or hard boiled egg
Sometimes I add some feta cheese

And I make my own vinagrette with very little oil.

I'm getting kind of bored of my usual salads though, what are some fun salads you like to make that can be a whole meal on their own?
Well I tend to eat romaine lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes with some turkey bacon bits thrown in. Sometimes I will add some green bell peppers, celery, and broccoli. I like to fix big salads with these ingredients and I get full every time.
I love having salads as well. I have been somewhat reluctant to try salads with fruit, but tried it recently and quite liked it. I made a really delicious and healthy salad with baby spinach, blackberries, blueberries and walnuts. The berries were juicy enough that I didn't even feel the need to add a dressing. My standard go-to salad is just romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes, carrots, red pepper and a few tablespoons of whatever type of hummus I have on hand. I have a caramelized onion hummus right now that is absolutely delicious! I have struggled with creating a really good kale salad. I prefer sauteing a bit with garlic instead of making a raw salad.
I have been experimenting with ingredients in my salads and I have liked the results. I have romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, green bell pepper, almonds, and celery. That was a really good salad. Next time I will try cabbage and red and orange bell peppers. I hope the results are just as yummy.
I love to experiment with salads. I like to add a lot of veggies and mix it up. I have been mixing romaine lettuce with spinach leaves. I have found that the spinach is more filling and helps me stay full longer. I then add cheese, broccoli, onions, peppers, croutons, carrots, tomatoes and other veggies. I tend to add grilled chicken or bacon pieces...and sometimes I do both. These salads with many veggies help keep you full longer so it makes for a great meal.
I sometimes make my own dressings. It really depends on what I am in the mood for. Lately, I've really enjoyed italian oil based dressings.
My salads are usually pretty simple.
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and cheese. Sometimes I also add eggs.

By changing the type of cheese you can already have a lot of different varieties, and you can always try adding something a bit more exotic such as pineapple or avocado.
My vegetable and fruit salad consists of lettuce, cucumber, whole kernel corn, tomatoes, ripe mangoes, boiled egg, tuna, pineapple with cubed toasted bread. My homemade salad dressing is a mixture of mayonnaise, all purpose cream, tomato ketchup, sweet pickles relish, salt and pepper to taste and grated cheese. I am always full when I am eating this kind of salad.
When I have made salad I like putting in some diced apples. boiled eggs. bacon bits(if I have), chopped peppers, lettuce or mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, and sometimes when avaliable I add grapes. The grapes give it an extra juicy element and taste, the apples give it some crunch and the bacon bits adds a salty taste to it and I just love bacon!
Sometimes I also add in more than one kind of cheese; like feta which is crumbly and cheddar which is great for making tiny cheese blocks. It adds colour and texture.
Salads can be very filling, it really just depends on what you put in them and how much of it you add. :wink::thumbsup:
my go to salad is spinach, carrots a little bit of bacon (just a little to give some nice flavor!) and sometimes cherry tomatoes. The key with salads is to make your own homemade salad dressing, because salads you but at places like Trader Joe's, Walmart or Safeway taste great, but their dressing are fatter and more caloric than a pasta dish! Not kidding, always check the nutritional value in those.
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