Help me name this character!


30 Jan 2019
Local time
6:45 PM
Detroit USA
Bob was just your mild mannered geek until one day he fell into a vat of hollandaise sauce. After climbing out, he was attacked by a pack of ravenous cute kittens and puppies eagerly licking the sauce off his body. The event was caught on an iPhone and immediately uploaded to YouTube where it went viral. Embarrassed by all the "likes" and "LOLs" he received, Bob retreated into a life of social awkwardness vowing to only eat at fast food restaurants. Whereupon Bob became a most unhealthy person. One day Bob found himself in the hospital with Diverticulitis. Forced to eat healthy food now, Bob became a kitchen maven, a fresh food guru, and a serious foodie. The Blitzenator was born!!!!

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