Hot drink cup/mug du jour

Oh forgot the history of my mugs, Cookie Monster was a Christmas gift too long ago for me to remember who from although I think it was Mr SSOAP.

The Alice in Wonderland one is from my bezzie who noticed every time we went in Whittards for tea I’d pick it up and admire it. She left it on my doorstep 😊
Did you have Alistair Cooke on your airwaves over in the states?
Here, at least as far as I know, he was known as the host of PBS’ Masterpiece Theater, a television program that showed (and still shows) British dramas in the US. When I mention that I devoured any British programming as a farm kid in Ohio…that’s what I was probably watching.

He was considered something of an avatar of poshness and respectability, sitting in his leather wingback chair next to the fireplace, presenting dramatic productions of classic English literature, and he was frequently parodied by comedy shows.

If you would like one let me know, then we can have the thrill of seeing if a mug can make it from the UK to the US in one piece! 😂
Thanks - it looks like I can order it directly from them and they ship to the US! Ohhhhh…
Today’s tea mug.
Bought at the very first Crufts my dog qualified for and my first run out in that insane world.
He used to loved to put on some pong (fox sh*t) straight after a bath so what this mug says made me laugh a lot.

This is one of my brother’s mugs - we got it as part of a promotion for the “Our Compliments” line of grocery products eons ago. Being Canadian, it’s got both french and english branding.

My brother said “Our nose compliments? Huh?” and my dad immediately cracked “Nice schnoz, baby!” Hilarity ensued and it’s been an ongoing joke since.
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