How did your Easter Dinner turn out?


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14 Mar 2016
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I don’t normally make a big deal about cooking on Easter, but this year I decided to cook Ham, macaroni and cheese with string beans. My family enjoyed my ham, but I thought it was just ok. I normally purchase my ham at Sam’s Club, but this time I got it from my local grocery store. I found a glaze for ham online, but I didn’t have honey. So I decided to make up my own. I used syrup, cinnamon, and brown sugar. I applied the glaze to the ham every 30 minutes. The glaze actually turned out good. How did your dinner turn out? Next time I will stick to the hams at Sam’s Club.

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3 Jul 2014
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Easter dinner turned out just fine for me. Actually I would not call it my Easter dinner, since I dined at a relative's house. However, as each person was asked to bring a special dish, I also had to do my own dish to carry. I actually did a pot of rice and field peas, which came out just fine with enough left over for today's meal. Everyone else contributed dishes as well, and I must say they each did a very good job. So, there were a variety of dishes. The meats were baked turkey, baked chicken, and fried fish.


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28 May 2015
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Our Easter dinner is the leftover of our Easter lunch. It is called kare-kare, a beef dish cooked in peanut butter and ground rice. It is best eaten with shrimp paste which provides the salty taste ot an otherwise bland flavor of kare-kare. But the real flavor comes with the side dish which is pork belly fried to crisp. The Filipino dining table looks grand when there is that combination of kare-kare and fried pork belly. As they say, it is the rich man's banquet that is only fitting for a grand occasion.
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