Easter, also called Pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. It is the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by Lent (or Great Lent), a 40-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.
Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as "Holy Week", which contains the days of the Easter Triduum, including Maundy Thursday, commemorating the Maundy and Last Supper, as well as Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. In Western Christianity, Eastertide, or the Easter Season, begins on Easter Sunday and lasts seven weeks, ending with the coming of the 50th day, Pentecost Sunday. In Eastern Christianity, the season of Pascha begins on Pascha and ends with the coming of the 40th day, the Feast of the Ascension.
Easter and the holidays that are related to it are moveable feasts which do not fall on a fixed date in the Gregorian or Julian calendars which follow only the cycle of the Sun; rather, its date is offset from the date of Passover and is therefore calculated based on a lunisolar calendar similar to the Hebrew calendar. The First Council of Nicaea (325) established two rules, independence of the Jewish calendar and worldwide uniformity, which were the only rules for Easter explicitly laid down by the council. No details for the computation were specified; these were worked out in practice, a process that took centuries and generated a number of controversies. It has come to be the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or soonest after 21 March. Even if calculated on the basis of the more accurate Gregorian calendar, the date of that full moon sometimes differs from that of the astronomical first full moon after the March equinox.Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism, as well as by its position in the calendar. In most European languages the feast is called by the words for passover in those languages; and in the older English versions of the Bible the term Easter was the term used to translate passover. Easter customs vary across the Christian world, and include sunrise services, exclaiming the Paschal greeting, clipping the church, and decorating Easter eggs (symbols of the empty tomb). The Easter lily, a symbol of the resurrection, traditionally decorates the chancel area of churches on this day and for the rest of Eastertide. Additional customs that have become associated with Easter and are observed by both Christians and some non-Christians include egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades. There are also various traditional Easter foods that vary regionally.

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  1. MrsDangermouse

    Coronation Food

    Rather than continuing the Easter thread, I thought I'd start a new one. I doubt we'll be doing anything....we're going to be on holiday somewhere (probably northern Italy). Somehow we seem to always miss the big royal events.....usually by design thanks to the extra bank holidays they give us...
  2. Windigo

    Recipe Orange & white chocolate iced brownies

    I will admit I use Nigella Lawson's recipe for brownies here, but I tweaked it to my own preferences so it's not a complete copy. She does not add the orange zest, nor the white chocolate icing or chips. Ingredients for at least 24 slices: 375 grams soft unsalted butter 375 grams best-quality...
  3. TastyReuben

    Easter 2023

    Anyone planning on doing any Easter-themed cooking/eating/drinking this year, or observing any family/personal traditions? I’ve not thought much about it yet, but I’m sure we’ll do something with a ham, and if there’s ham, then there’ll be some au gratin/scalloped potatoes about as well...
  4. Lullabelle

    Easter feasting 2022

    We both have an Easter egg each from the company, both are in the fridge untouched :angelic:
  5. Torta Pasqualina, Ligurian Easter Pie with Chard and Ricotta cheese.jpg

    Torta Pasqualina, Ligurian Easter Pie with Chard and Ricotta cheese.jpg

  6. Making of Torta Pasqualina.jpg

    Making of Torta Pasqualina.jpg

  7. The making of Torta Pasqualina.jpg

    The making of Torta Pasqualina.jpg

  8. rascal

    Glazed ham for Easter, family dinner.

    It's prepped and in the oven, I will start it at 4 o clock. I'm also doing a salad, kids are bringing stuff as well. We have this every year at Easter and new year. The fat is checkered but you won't see it until it starts cooking. I big hit here later tonight. Russ
  9. rascal

    Late Easter

    So covid screwed us at Easter so we're getting together for first time in weeks. I'm doing a hot ham glazed with the best glaze I've ever used. 200 mls bourbon 200 mls apricot sauce 200 mis maple syrup 50 gms honey grain mustard. I'll serve with salads and mashed spuds. Pics to follow. Russ
  10. Morning Glory

    Easter food & drink traditions

    Do you have Easter food or drink traditions that you follow? Will you be making any special treats? Tell us what you like to eat or drink to celebrate Easter.
  11. Saranak

    Recipe Cosciotto D' Agnello Alla Lisetta (Roast Stuffed Leg of Lamb)

    Ciao a tutti, So it is soon to be Easter and as usual I have the family, one husband, three children their wives and husband and three children ten in all on Easter Sunday and all will be very hungry as normal. It is couple of weeks away but I like to prepare. So I have decided that I will make...
  12. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Baked Ham, with Mustard, Balsamic Reduction, Maple Syrup, Clove - and Peach Cider.

    I figure it is about time to post some of my own recipes. I am so NOT a sweet tooth, so I minimize the amounts of sugars I add to mains. Instead of brown sugar, I prefer the punch that maple syrup adds - besides I live in Maple Syrup country, and plan to tap a few trees next year. But there...
  13. MrsDangermouse

    Recipe Advocaat cake

    We always end up with a partial bottle of Advocaat left over after Christmas....which generally takes up valuable room in the fridge until it goes off and gets thrown away. So I decided to try to find a way to use it up this year and came across an Advocaat Easter cake (which is apparently...
  14. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Restarting Easter Traditions - Egg Decoration Competition

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in a competition based around an old Easter Tradition of egg decoration? I'd put up a small prize (yet to be decided upon, but probably a small kitchen gadget or cookbook of your choosing) for the best decorated blown set of 4 eggs. (4 would allow for...
  15. Morning Glory

    Easter food

    What food do you eat at Easter? Here, roast lamb is traditional and of course hot cross buns. Easter eggs are popular with the kids - do you still eat Easter eggs? And do you have any special meals planned for Easter? Today I'm making some hot cross buns.
  16. F

    March Holidays: 17th, 19th St. Joseph´s & 29th Holy Week

    With Spring just one month away, and several holidays on the calendar: 17th: Saint Patrick´s 19th: Saint Joseph´s and in Spain, San José and Father´s Day and in Italy, San Giuseppe .. 21st: The Spring Solstice .. 29th: Holy Thursday 30th: Good Friday 30th March - April 7th: The...
  17. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Savoury Pie for Easter (Torta pasqualina - recipe from Liguria)

    Preparation Time 20 Minutes, Cooking Time About 50/60 Minutes Ingredients 2 Rolls of Ready Made Puff Pastry 1 Kg of Swiss Chard (or Spinach) 250g Ricotta Cheese 100g Grated Parmesan Nutmeg Marjoram 4 Eggs Butter Salt to Taste Method: Pre-heat the oven. Wash the swiss chard and then boil them...
  18. The Late Night Gourmet

    Easter Eggs, Courtesy of Beet Juice

    I swear I didn't plan this. I made pickled beets not long ago, and I read somewhere that the juice could be used to pickle eggs. So, I removed the remaining beets to make room for hard boiled eggs, and I waited. Then, I forgot about them. I decided to take some out and see how the looked. I did...
  19. GadgetGuy

    Jazzing up your Easter leftovers?

    What do you plan to do with your Easter leftovers if you have any after the holiday? Leftovers can be transformed into something new & fresh - to make them look like they are hit sensation with the family!! :wink:
  20. Morning Glory

    Easter feasting

    Will you be cooking a special meal over Easter? What is your traditional festive fare? I will probably be doing slow-cooked lamb, Persian style with apricots and cous-cous.
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