Easter food & drink traditions

We usually do a country ham with a glaze of brown sugar, ketchup, pineapple juice and rings. Served with either cheesy potatoes or potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and hot cross buns. Sis and family join us.

This year with shelter in place, I may make my husband lamb chops and halibut for my mother and I as we really don't have the need to cook a whole ham for just three of us.

And, let's not forgot the best part - some type of DARK chocolate candies 😁
For many years Baby Sister and BIL would boil crawfish Easter Sunday. The family was smaller then
Nieces and Nephew were young. Always an egg hunt. The family has grown the young ones are married and have children. Boiling crawfish for our tribe became expensive and a lot of work.
For several years Sis and BIL have cooked a boiled dinner. Not a typical Louisiana thing. Ham and trimmed brisket
The hams don't need much. A few TBSP liquid seafood boil seasoning and a few Lbs. of smoked sausage
On Holy Saturday BIL injects the brisket with his own liquid seasoning- butter, salt, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder and a splash of hot sauce. The outside gets a generous rub of salt and cayenne
That sits in the fridge overnight.
BIL seasons the water for the brisket with table salt and liquid seafood boil. Before cooking the brisket he tosses in a mesh laundry bag of veggies. Corn, New potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and celery. When the veggies are done they are put in an ice chest to keep hot
I make a potato salad with the potatoes, onions, garlic and celery +.
G makes his tart cabbage slaw. I reserve some of the garlic to make cheesey toasted garlic bread
Lots of desserts.
An egg hunt after we eat
😢I am sad
The new crop of babies are at that precious, adorable age . That age where they are all sweetness and innocence. Just enough mischief to make them funny
A fleeting moment
What will I do without my family? IDK. I have a leg of lamb in the freezer. That would be nice
On second thought I may see if I can order a ham for pickup
Boiled dinner with leftover ham for sandwiches and split pea soup
I miss my family
Think I will pour a glass of cheap white wine , have a good cry then get over myself. 😂
We normally go away for the weekend with kids and wee ones, I normally do a hot ham with a beautiful glaze, salads and such. Ham is in freezer til prolly after lockdown. Sunday's are quiet here since it started. Nothing religious although our d.i.l is a catholic, she celebrates certain days.

Here in the UK its a big excuse for chocolate particularly in the form of chocolate Easter eggs. Don't you have them in the USA?
Yes, but the ads and the products are available starting in February and go through April, so when the weekend itself arrives, it's already been Easter-this and Easter-that and I usually miss the actual weekend. I'm the one always asking, "Is Easter this weekend or next weekend?" :)
We don't celebrate Easter this year, we're not Christians and due to the partial lockdown we can't celebrate with my Christian mother in law. When we celebrate with her we have a special breakfast with easter bread called Paasstol which is a raisin-nut bread filled with marzipan and we eat eggs , luxury rolls , orange juice and deli meats and cheeses.

Now we do have half an Easter bread for the weekend because it tastes good and we also have oranges. And because I ordered it before knowing there would be a lockdown we also have a luxury table grill package coming for saturday. Which me and my husband will eat together.

We might not be religious but if there's parties with food to be had we sure do participate.
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