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How to add images to an existing album


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First of all you need to understand that not all media albums allow you to add images to them.
This is simply a case of permissions. Usually, but not always, only the owner of the album can add/edit/delete images in the media album and the owner is the person who created the album. These are the default permissions on all media albums but that doesn't mean that the owner (or a moderator) has not subsequently changed these permissions.

If you move to the Media album view where you can see all of the images in the album, you will be able to see the Album Privacy settings in the lower right handside of the window.
I'm currently looking at this media album - Cashew Nut Camembert. It is the album I created in the "How to create a media album " thread.


Here you can see that only the album owner can add images to this album. So whilst you can see the green button "Add media" in the top right of the image above, if you navigate to the album yourself following this link (Cashew Nut Camembert), you will not see the green "Add media" button. Instead you'll see a green "Leave a rating" button along with "Mark viewed", "Watch" And the bookmark icon.
There is currently 1 system media album where anyone can add images without the need to create a media album of your own and that is Miscellaneous Cooking Images . It is intended for members to add the odd single image that is for use in the "What did I eat/cook today" threads where a recipe has not been created, otherwise you need to add images to a media album that you've already created
So assuming that you are either the album owner or it is an album anyone can add images to, adding images is almost the same as creating a new media album only you have to choose the album you want to add the images to.

The easiest way (but not the only way) to do this is to start off viewing the album you are interested in.

A quick re-cap is in this image.
(I forget to label step 3 which is to click on the "Vegetarian or Vegan" media gallery.)

Once you are viewing the contents of the album, you'll find the "Add media" button in the top right hand corner of the screen

From here, it's familiar ground.

The only difference is that there is no Album name & Album description boxes below the Upload file and Embed media buttons.

Once you have chosen the image(s) you'll see the familar screen whilst the file(s) upload and you can then edit the filename, add a description and tags and save the changes.


After clicking Save, you'll end up in the media album looking at the image(s).
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OK, so what happens if you notice that you've missed some details off an image you've just uploaded? Or perhaps you've mis-spelt a word or not added any tags?

To edit an image, you need to be looking at that image. Obvious, but sometimes it needs saying.

There are 2 ways of accessing the Edit media item. One is the Edit button below and to the left of the image and the other is the "More options" icon which is 3 dots and a down-ward pointing triangle, followed by selecting "Edit media item" found below the image and off to the right.


Both lead to the same thing, the Edit media item box and the ability to edit the image title and description.
So simply make the changes you want to and click the Save button.

To change the tags, you'll need to change them in exactly the same way as you would for any thread.
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To change the tags, you'll need to change them in exactly the same way as you would for any thread.

So locate the tags icon (think about luggage labels) and click on it.

From here it is the familiar box. To remove a tag click on the x before the words, to add a tag type in the first few charactors (minimum but I'd suggest 4 or 5) and choose your tag from the list. Only type it in in full if you are 100% sure about the spelling. If you create a new tag for a common item, you have probably mis-spelt it.

So make your changes and click Save.
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