Insulin & Diabetes.

Discussion in 'Free From and Specialist Diets' started by Shermie, 14 Jun 2016.

  1. Best o'luck.
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  2. Shermie

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    Brighton, MA.
    Thanks! :wink:
  3. SatNavSaysStraightOn

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    NSW, Australia
    Best of luck.
    This has reminded me that I need to start checking my levels again because although I'm not diabetic one of my other medical conditions (diabetes is not a disease, they get caught, it's a condition that can't be cured, just managed sometimes without symptoms showing) means that I can get both hypos and hypers and treating those will not be successful unless you also treat the other medical condition as well which is much rarer and seldom looked for :(.

    Just eaten so no point today but will start again tomorrow. Hope I'm OK!
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  4. Shermie

    Shermie Veteran

    Brighton, MA.

    The does of insulin was tweaked and adjusted again, this time, by the Diabetes Clinic the other day. :scratchhead:
  5. It'll be something that requires fine tuning, don't let it worry you.

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