Kipster Eggs?


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15 Jul 2019
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10:50 AM
Ohio, US
I saw these eggs on offer at Kroger yesterday:


Simple Truth is Kroger’s upscale organic brand. They check all the boxes with these - carbon neutral, certified humane, etc. Kipster is apparently some sort of Dutch scheme, so I’ll need to read a bit more about that.

Price was good, $4.99US a dozen, which is what I pay for ALDI’s best eggs.

First thing I noticed…these shells are thick, as thick and as hard to crack as the local eggs I get from the organic farmer down the road. It took me a few whacks to get each one open this morning.

Yolks, however, were quite pale, so not sure if that “upcycled feed” is doing the trick.

All in all…I’d buy them again, but I prefer the eggs from down the road or from ALDI.
Ok, I had two fried Kipster eggs this morning, and something happened I’ve never seen in my life.

Since I was making two eggs for myself, I cracked them into the same bowl together, and when the skillet was sufficiently warmed up, I poured the eggs, so they could fry up like one big two-yolk egg.

Guess what? You know how the yolk is suspended in the main part of the white, and then there’s that sort of watery bit of the white that runs around the pan a bit?

Well, when I poured those eggs into the pan, one of the yolks slid completely out of and off of the white! It just sat all by its lonesome on one edge of the pan! It was as if the chicken had anticipated someone needing a separated egg and did the work for me.

I’ve never seen that before.
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