Recipe Lemon Carlota


16 Jun 2019
Local time
5:30 PM
Puerto Rico
A recipe I was asked to post by @rascal in so here we go.
Yield:10 to 13 people depending on the slices size.
Juice of about 5 to 6 Limes or Lemons.
1 can of 14ozfl Condensed Milk.
1 can of 12ozfl Evaporated milk.
6 to 10 OZ of Maria cookies(or any mild vanilla cookie)
Granulated Sugar to taste(optional)

Parchment Paper(to prevent it from getting stick to the sides.)
Spoon. (To flaten the surface)
Round removable bottom Mold bigger than 16 oz.
Non-Stick Pan

1. Squeeze 5 lemons reserve the juices in a recipent.
2. Directly to in the blender empty the cans of Evaporated and Condensed Milk and blend together.
3. Little by little you'll add the lemon juice. Taste each time juice is incorporated taste. Note:The lemon will coagulate the milk mixture and thikening. What we wan is a thick cream.
3. Once done making the mixture. You will start crush some of the vanilla cookies to dust for then toast them in a non-stick pan over medium heat its golden brown. And reserve.
4.Now built our carlota in our mold with its sides covered with parchment paper. Spread in the bottom the toasted cookie . Pour enough of our thick cream mixture to cover top of our cookie bottom. Then like lassagna, we make layers, a layer of whole cookies the pour pour with mixture and place layer of cookies and repeat until the mixture is out.
5.Refrigerate for 4 hours to overnight in the refrigerator.Note: Avoid the temptation of putting it on the freezer, because final result will a have is an Iceblock.
6. Eat and Enjoy.

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