Mackerel for tea tomorrow!

16 Oct 2012
Local time
3:29 AM
A couple of kids came to the caravan today. They'd been fishing with their father, and had caught a load of mackerel, so they asked if we'd like to buy some. We gave the kids a couple of pounds four beautiful fresh fish, but as I already had tonight's meal in the slow cooker, Tony cleaned them and put them in the fridge for tomorrow.

I always poach mackerel in milk, with a bay leaf and black peppercorns. If I fry it, I find it repeats on me, but it's lovely cooked in that way. Do you like mackerel? How do you cook yours?
LOVE mackerel. Poached, fried, smoked you name it.

Smoked mackerel with butter beans and a cheese sauce is mind blowingly filling, very rich and truly scrumptious.

You can taste it afterwards for ages mind but it's worth it anyway.
I use tinned mackerel in my 'poor man's' kedgeree - can't afford smoked haddock!

Basically, I cook rice, and hard boil eggs, then chop the eggs and flake the mackerel, and mix in with the rice. An authentic kedgeree has indian spices like cumin and so on, so I add them if I feel like it, but often the fish, egg and rice is enough.
Love mackerel but never came across it poached in milk. Do you have a full recipe for that?

I like smoked mackerel with beetroot and a horseradish dressing in a salad.
I called up the house and our housemaid was not able to go to the market. What she had for lunch was mackerel in the can. It is one of our usual stock of canned food together with corned beef, spam and baked beans. To make it more palatable, the mackerel is sauteed in garlic, onion and tomatoes plus a slice of ginger to take away the fishy taste. We usually have mackerel or sardines for meals when there is no more time to go to the market or no more time to cook. And I think fish is healthier than meat.
Around this area mackerel is very popular and plentiful. I do like it on occasion but use to eat it often as a child. Having a father who was a fisherman we always had plenty of fish. I like it boiled with onions. It tastes really good that way. I also like it fried. My favorite way though is smoked. I love any type of smoked fish.
I mostly see the mackerel in a can and I only buy it on the odd occasion. I've had it with some white rice which can be very tasty, but truth be told it has on occasions gone to my dogs when I run out of dry food.
Canned mackerel and fresh mackerel are entirely different... fresh mackerel has to be super fresh. Tinned has its place but I wouldn't attempt to incorporate it into a hot dish. Best eaten cold, I think. Although they can work as a pizza topping or possibly in a pasta dish. You can make a delicious pate with tinned mackerel too.
I have never heard of using fish for tea. It doesn't sound appealing, but I'm willing to try anything once. I don't know if I would trust myself doing it. I would want someone with experience making it to make it for me. I really do love fish, though. My favorite is baked. :)
I haven't had mackerel very often. Salmon is much more popular here. They do sell it in the stores in a canned version, mackerel I mean..but my preference is Salmon. I think of mackerel as being a bony fish.
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