One food picture, one food story

25 Mar 2021
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3:22 PM
Oxford (UK)
Here's one of my favorite dishes that I got from my mother..I remember eating it growing up and always loved it..she was great at making good meals with little ingredients because we didn't have a lot of money..She called it, it's not a true ragu but I guess she had to call it something and we didn't know any better...she would use left over roast beef, cut it up and fry it up with onions...after it browned and created a nice fond, she would add water or beef broth and simmer it ....then she would add cooked pasta to it and let it finish in the pan..I used to load it with black pepper..I have modified the recipe over the years and now add garlic, thyme, or sometimes a bouquet garni, and mushrooms if I have some in the fridge. I add more liquid than she did and drain and add my pasta well before it is al dente and let it simmer in the broth for about 5 minutes. The pasta releases some startchand the sauce, or broth, gets very rich and beefy...It is the ultimate comfort food and I look forward to leftovers more than the initial meal...

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Here is another time I made it with hand made pasta..
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Nice story! Mums are actually very good in "selling" food to their children. If something doesn't look too good they always make the most to present it fancy :)
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