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11 Oct 2012
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11:16 PM
A Pom in NSW, Aus
Just occasionally you get a very large egg from your chooks. This one is from a new girl that we've had for around a month. At the weekend they were allowed into the veg plot area because hubby was digging and pulling up grass. Quite a few of the girls laid much bigger eggs than normal over the following couple of days, so they all obviously had a good feed but our new girl Henrietta, must have had an exceptionally good feed. We had seen her taking on an ants nest for the eggs and taking on with great relish, a very large centipede (larger than my middle finger by about 150%).

All I can say is that I'll forgive her for not laying for the next few days! I've yet to open it to see how many yolks it has. I'll do that when hubby is home.

This is compared to a standard sized egg.

This is compared to our girls who lay large brown eggs.

This is everyone in the smaller coop yesterday.

The wrinkles on the shell show where she has struggled to lay it and is called body checking.
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