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Outdoor pizza ovens

My BIL built a wonderful pizza oven in the back garden. Used it a couple of times, and then never again. It´s been there 40 years.
I make pizza from scratch at home and use the regular oven. No method or recipe: flour, dried yeast, pinch of salt, splash of olive oil and enough water to bring it together. Pizza is cheap to make and, to be honest, I´m not a pizza perfectionist, so as long as it tastes more or less right, I´m not going to complain.
I´ve got an electric oven, so I crank it up to maximum and put 4 large ceramic tiles inside. Leave it 30 minutes then put a round of (pizza) bread on each tile for 1 minute. Take them out, put the topping on, and cook for 5 minutes until the mozz is melted.
I have a "Kettle Pizza Kit" I bought for my Weber 22 and I love it. It allows me to make the Weber a "wood fired Pizza oven"!
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