Petit Sale pork with lentils

Roger Burton

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12 Dec 2019
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12:20 PM
Simple question ... my wife, probably because she finds the colour of the lentils recommended in recipes unappetising, asked what I could use instead, I thought yellow lentils or maybe white beans ... any thoughts please ?
Traditionally, Puy lentils are used for this dish but I don't see why you couldn't use split red lentils (which look yellow when cooked and are the easiest to find in any supermarket). They have a sweeter and less earthy taste than Puy lentils and won't retain their shape in the same way. Similarly, you could use yellow lentils (chana dal/ yellow split peas). They are also less earthy in flavour and more likely to collapse than Puy.

Puy lentils are a green/grey colour. I think they look rather attractive. Much prettier than the brown lentil.
Thanks for that MG ... I’m sure they’ll be fine, I do try for authenticity but sometimes I have to compromise ... silly woman won’t eat snails either, very odd ... now chocolate is another matter and that’s brown.
I looked up the dish, Petit Sale, and I can't think of any reason that white beans, such as Cannelini Beans, could not be used a substitute, although the French would certainly be offended, but what's new.

this was spectacular:
recipe here:
Pork Tenderloin and Cannellini Beans

my take:
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