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26 Aug 2020
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5:55 PM
Pistachio Shoelaces

Serves 3-4 | Preparation & cooking time ~30 min

"Shoelaces" aka crispy funnel cakes with pistachio powder.

2 eggs​
150 ml plain flour/APF​
35 g (~55 ml) shelled, unsalted pistachios​
1,5 tablespoons corn flour​
80 ml/g (~1/3 US cup) skimmed milk​
1-1,5 tablespoons sugar​
0.5 teaspoon salt​
Zest of 2 limes​
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar​
0,5 teaspoon cinnamon​
0,5 teaspoon cocoa powder​
200-250 ml (190-240 g/0.9-1.1 US cup) sunflower oil​
A handful of icing sugar/confectioners' sugar to sprinkle on top​


Grind the pistachios into fine powder in a blender/mixer. Grate the lime zests. Whisk together all ingredients. Place the batter in a plastic bag. Heat up 200-250 ml oil in a small skillet/frying pan on medium heat (7/12 on a 12 step scale). Keep a lid handy for safety reasons. Make the funnel cakes one at a time. Cut a small hole in the corner of the plastic bag and squeeze out a loose, wavy spiral in the pan; parts far enough from each other for the batter not to cling when cooking and puffing up. Let cook/bake for 1.5~2 minutes. Work with two forks. Gather the spiral a bit together and flip as well as you can. Let cook for ~1-1.5 minutes further. Gather the spiral (and the morsels) into a bundle and lift it on top of kitchen paper to drain and set. Repeat. Place the bundles and morsels on a serving plate, dust with plenty of icing sugar and serve.


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