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Plans for today (2023)

Tomorrow one of our vehicles is in for an overdue repair. It has been making a high pitched whine that was engine rev connected since the beginning of December. Convincing hubby to get out into the garage to be looked at to some doing and it wasn't something that could be dealt with that day because parts needed to be ordered in. We've worn out the tension bar on the fan belt, so the fan belt is slipping.

So the plan is that we'll take both vehicles into the city, I'll pick hubby up and then we've done smartphone and tablet accessories that need to be purchased. Neither of the new devices have a 3.5mm jack, so we need to move everything over to Bluetooth. Hubby has been using my Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones since Christmas day but wants his own and those headphones aren't suitable for taking/making phone calls on, so I need some for my new phone.

Then we'll probably end up eating lunch out and possibly end up at the nature reserve to kill sometime before doing a very small weekly shop (fresh fruit & veg only) and going back to collect the hopefully repaired SUV before heading home. It will be a long day, so today's plans involve doing nothing much at all.

Hubby has already swept the kitchen, washed the dishes and hung the washing out to dry. His idea of nothing is pretty close to mine, lol.
So I'm expecting to raid the raspberries again and possibly the strawberries. The area inside the netting under the fruit trees need cutting and the border needs cutting back. I've got some roses to dead head and it's due to be 30°C so I'm expecting us to hide inside the house for much of the day.
Plans today...pretty minimal, I must say.

I cooked yesterday (ham challenge dish), so all I have to do tonight is heat it up. I don't need anything from the shops, so I'm not going into town at all.

Other than that, it's laundry day, which I do really hate with a passion, but it can't be helped. I'll probably make a salad to go with the meal tonight, just because we've got a lot of fresh vegetables lying about right now.
The ornaments are coming off the tree. That’s the plan today. I was unsuccessful in finding a string of pink lights for our impending Valentine’s tree, so I reckon I’m looking for some of those on Amazon today. I need to order some incense cones for our smokers anyway.

Also putting out the bird feeders today. I cleaned them up and got some bird seed. What can I say…the starlings look hungry. :laugh:
Not quite a plan for today, but I can already walk much better than two days ago. And that made me realise that going to the fantasy fair without a wheelchair this year will be an option, which already makes my year so much better! :hyper: last year was really pretty sad, only being able to go for 1 day and barely able to enjoy it. I really feel for people who rely on wheelchairs..
Ornaments off the tree (save the glass Swarovski ones - wife says those can stay 🤷‍♂️), colored lights off (twinkly white mini lights also get the Wife Seal of Approval), pink lights (and the all-important replacement bulbs) ordered, as well as two sizes of incense cones for the smokers.

Mission accomplished!
Taking the day off work to help my brother cart my parents around this place:

National Museum of the USAF

I personally think it’s misguided to do so, as both my parents will require wheelchairs to go through (that’s why I’m going, designated Mom pusher), and my dad (dementia) is used to being away from the care home for short 1-2 hour jaunts, and this is going to be an all-day affair.

I fully expect that we’ll get there, and 20 minutes in, he’ll demand to go back home. We’ll see.
I fully expect that we’ll get there, and 20 minutes in, he’ll demand to go back home. We’ll see.
…and it didn’t even last 20 minutes. 😬

The place is huge, and they have displays broken down by early flight-WW1, WW2, Korean-Vietnam, a missile display, experimental planes, space stuff, etc - dozens of aircraft in each room, a movie theater, flight simulators you can ride, and even more stuff outside.

They came in the entrance, and there’s a little sort of gauntlet, so to speak, of some photos of planes, some uniforms, that kind of stuff, just to give you a taste of what’s to come. It takes 30 seconds to wheel through it. It’s just an entryway that opens onto the first big hangar filled with stuff.

We didn't make it through that first entryway before Dad said, “I believe I’ve seen enough, let’s go home!” :laugh:

We didn’t even stop in the entryway to look at anything, we were just rolling through, and that was that - 20 minutes? We didn’t make it 20 seconds!

Lee was having none of that, so we wheeled through a little bit, and the whole time, Dad was on repeat:

“You cold, Jean? You want my blanket?” - to my mom.
<10 seconds>
“What time is it? We got to get back before four o’clock.”
<10 seconds>
“I didn’t think we’d ever get here.”
<10 seconds>
“You cold, Jean?”

Over and over again, with hardly a pause. Lee would try and break the cycle by pointing out some aircraft or another, and Dad would say, “Yeah, that sure is somethin’…You want my blanket, Jean? Are you cold?”

Mom has a hard time dealing with that, there’s a part of her that thinks he should just be able to stop, or if she’s persistent enough with her answers, he’ll suddenly snap out of it, so she was getting angrier and angrier with her responses as we went along.

After about 15 minutes, we left, and Dad was agreeable to having lunch together, so we went to a nearby place.

That was more of the same. We got to a table, they brought menus, and then it started:

“Do you think they have biscuits and gravy?”
“Yeah, Dad, it’s right there.”
“That’s what I’ll have, then. What’re you havin’, Jean?”
“I missed my bacon this morning, so I’m havin’ a good ol’ BLT.”
“A BLT…that’s what I’m havin’.”
“No, you’re havin’ biscuits and gravy!”
“I am?”
<10 seconds>
“Do they have biscuits and gravy here?”

…that went on nonstop for another 20 minutes, and at one point, my mom got so frustrated, she smacked him on his arm and reminded him sharply for the 30th time he was having biscuits and gravy, and he looked so wounded and got big tears in his eyes.

At that point, we hadn’t been waited on, so we just got up and left (they were short-staffed), because he started in on asking over and over what time it was and he had to get back to the care home before 4PM.

That’s where we said our goodbyes. Lee looked so devastated. We got them both in their car (a Buick, naturally :wink: ), and he gave me a hug and thanked me for coming, and he said, “I just wanted Pap (Dad) to have a good day.“ - he looked so sad about the whole thing.

So that’s why I ate lunch on my own, which I’ll get posted up later, nothing special.

My plans for the rest of the day are to stop at a little mom-and-pop grocery near where I am now. I’m not in this area much, so I don’t want to miss that.
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