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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Food Discussions' started by rascal, 4 Apr 2019.

  1. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    I burn incense sticks quite often, I find it relaxes me. I love the lavender and the musk ones the best. I got into burning these when I started going out with a chick about 45 years ago, who was a bit different. You'de call her bohemian nowadays. I guess she was ahead of her time. My kids always say the place smells calm. Do you guys do this or something else??

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  2. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    Wine. Lots of wine. :D
  3. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    That goes without saying, a nice Merlot always helps.

  4. Shermie

    Shermie Veteran

    Brighton, MA.
    I usually relax & have a beer or two while I'm cooking. :wink:
  5. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    I've been known to do that as well shermie. :)

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  6. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    The one thing I can't bear when cooking is any other fragrances - I need to be able to smell what I'm cooking. So incense sticks would be strictly banned! Smell is one of the five senses which cooking involves and why I love it so much.

    In fact, I'm very particular about 'fragrances' in the house and on clothing. I never use 'air fresheners' or those detergents which impregnate clothes with scent (so it then clashes with any perfume I wear). I once stayed in a self-catering where the sheets had been laundered in something that made them smell of roses and it ruined the holiday!

    I do love expensive perfume (Chanel, Balmain, Dior etc.) but only if I'm going out. Never if I'm cooking.

    So, in terms of the question - cooking is in itself my way of relaxing and I don't even like to have the radio or music playing.
  7. medtran49

    medtran49 Über Member

    SE Florida
    I'm like @morning glory in that don't like other scents in the house when I'm cooking. I also don't like scented detergents or fabric softeners, especially the lavender, sorry Russ, but that's just 1 scent I absolutely cannot stand. I'm not real fond of the lemon-scented cleaning products either.

    As far as drinking, I don't usually while I'm cooking, except toward the very end when I'm almost done, or if it's something long-cooking like stew or pot roast or the like, then I'll have a glass or 2 while the dish is cooking.
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  8. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    I've always got the tvs going in the background, I like to hear something.

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  9. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    I too like to drink when cooking is almost done.

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  10. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
    Had I known how our cat was going to turn out I wouldn't have called her Merlot :headshake:
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  11. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
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  12. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb Recipe Challenge Judge

    I occasionally prepare food on a morning but almost always cook in the afternoon. It it's afternoon, I'm drinking.

    hic emoticom.jpg
  13. Mewmew

    Mewmew Regular Member

    I need complete silence as I need to concentrate. If I'm not careful, I could get easily distracted. Like the time I forgot the muscavado sugar, switched on the hand mixer and wondered why I was looking at what I can only describe as cement.... :o_o::speechless::facepalm:
  14. Polish girl

    Polish girl New Member

    I like listening to music while cooking.
    I like it when the kitchen smells of freshly baked dough :D:D
  15. ElizabethB

    ElizabethB Über Member

    Lafayette, LA. US
    G installed a TV in my kitchen for my birthday. It is on when I work in the kitchen
    Most often one of the food/cooking channels. Also an oldies music channel
    I do not like fragrance. Smell is to important to the cooking process.
    When cooking an evening meal there is always a little wine in the pot and a little wine in the cook.
    I really do not need to do anything other than cook to relax .
    Cooking is a go to stress release .
    I can release anxiety by chopping, dicing and slicing. Cooking is an outlet for my creativity.
    The repetitive, mundane tasks, the attention to detail, the ability to experiment, the wonderful aromas, the delicious outcome all put me in a happy place.
    When I am stressed, suffering from anxiety or depression I cook.
    A little bit of wine doesn't hurt.
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