1. flyinglentris

    Galangal for Spice Island and Southeast Asian Cooking

    I got my galangal root today and am not ready to create what I will call Spice Island Mash and possibly a spice coulis - if there is such a thing.
  2. Windigo

    Wartime cooking

    Having a special interest in wartime cooking, centering around rationing and the second world war. I wondered if there are more members here who share my interest and/or have experimented with rationing before to see what it was like. I'm particularly interested in the British and American...
  3. Niftymagpie123

    Hello Cooking Bite Foodies community : )

    Hello fellow cooking & foodie lovers : ) I'm very happy to have found a very nice cooking & food loving community I just joined today very happy to have found you all : ) I'm from Cambridgeshire, England UK. I look fwd to posting & hanging out with y'all cheers : ) Kindest loving regards💗...
  4. T

    Research Survey for New Cooking Assistant Tablet: 'Sous-Chef PRO'

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well and safe. I am conducting some research to support a report I am writing about a new concept idea I have come up with for the world of cooking; 'Sous-Chef PRO'. The Sous-Chef PRO is a smart electronic tablet like device that is a cooking timer, recipe book...
  5. flyinglentris

    Various oils for cooking

    I got curious and did some searches to find out how many types of cooking oils exist... Oils can be used in a variety of ways and not all of them apply to frying. They may be used as Salad Oils for Dressing, Baking Oils and Marinade Oils, to touch the surface of the diversity of ways in which...
  6. The Late Night Gourmet

    When do you clean up your cooking debris?

    I recall one of my early cooking adventures when I made cookies. I was so concerned with getting things right that I made quite a mess. When the cookies were done, I tried one, and was happy that it didn't taste terrible. I enjoyed my victory, but my heart sank at the mess I had created. There...
  7. PabloLerntKochen

    Hello cooking bites

    Hello, my name is Pablo and I'm from Germany. Right now I'm learning how to cook like a professional in a french restaurant and here I want to learn more about english communication. Stay healthy. PS: the last forum kicked me out after two days, because of blog spamming and I don't know what I...
  8. flyinglentris

    What did you learn about cooking today (January 2021)?

    Given the same interest in cooking as so many other members on CookingBites, I decided to start this thread to allow members to present and discuss what they have learned (that is new to them) about cooking.
  9. V

    Anyone try cooking a Bresse Chicken?

    Hello! For Christmas Day, I bought a frozen 1.5kg Bresse Chicken which I've never tried before, expecting great things. I brined it overnight, then did a French-style Poulet Roti (lemon/garlic/herb stuffing). I wonder if anyone else on CB has tried this chicken? To be honest, it was ok...
  10. Morning Glory

    Your weakest area(s) of cooking expertise

    My weak spot is meat. For a long time youngest grown up daughter (vegetarian) and youngest grown up son (vegan at the time) lived here. I used to be vegetarian and still tend to prefer to eat mainly vegetarian with very little meat. So, my experience cooking meat is limited. I can do steaks but...
  11. flyinglentris

    Cooking in The Ground

    In some cultures, lacking ovens or not ever having built stone ovens or used flat heated rocks, etc., wrapping food in leaves or fronds and burying them in a fire's heated ash bed worked to get food cooked. The Hawaiian and Polynesian peoples are known to have done this using Banana leaves...
  12. Mountain Cat

    Cleaning Squid - Prepping for Cooking

    The squid I purchased for the previous stuffed squid recipe was already partially cleaned. (The ink sac had been removed, as well as some of the cartilage; and the purple-ish "skin" on the outside of the tube portion of the squid had been peeled off - which is totally unnecessary but some folk...
  13. Mountain Cat

    Anyone ever take cooking classes?

    If so, what did you take? For me, I have taken two formal cooking classes, both were a few hours long over a two day weekend, and we got to eat what we made afterwards. (The Silo, New Milford, CT, USA) I took a Greek class, and I wish I could remember the instructor's name. Cooking egg and...
  14. mjd

    Heart (Diabetes, arthritis, etc.) health cooking

    Shermie and I were talking about each of us having high blood pressure. I'm sure many of us have a few health concerns that impact the way we cook and eat and even order out. I thought it might be interesting for us to share some tried-n-true recipes and tips for those of us that have moved...
  15. Windigo

    The magical kitchen of the kitchen witch

    This thread is meant for the pagans/witches/and other magical folk under us who use cooking as an expression of their beliefs and religion. What is it? Kitchen witchery is for folks who want to practice magick and witchcraft with an emphasis on cooking, food, and mealtimes. Feel super...
  16. Hemulen

    Cooking utensil illustrations, images and charts

    Photo credits This post is edited according to tips.
  17. Hemulen

    Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) 2020, before and after

    We catch these with crayfish traps filled with luring pieces of fish bits. Our summer place is located at the mouth of a canal between two lakes. The crabs should be garnished with crown dill but a sudden night frost killed our dill earlier this month so we had to use lingonberry twigs. I bought...
  18. mjd

    Cooking burnout during the pandemic

    Hi, I am an introvert so the lock down isn't really bothering me on the same level it's bothering my extroverted friends. I love to cook but I can relate to feeling burnout too. I thought some of you might like to read it this article on coping through the pandemic. Cooking Burnout During The...
  19. KitKat

    Cooking Shows

    I am into "Chopped" now. Loving the weird food twist(s) in the contestant's baskets and am continuously amazed at what they come up with and prepare. Awhile ago, one DD and I were into "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsey. That show was more for kicks and his pretentious chewing out of the...
  20. epicuric

    Cooking in long sleeves

    Do you? Most of the time I wear my sleeves rolled up anyway so it's not an issue. A couple of days ago, an unexpected cold spell sent me in search of a woolly jumper, mid cooking. Without thinking, I was suddenly reaching over lit gas burners, my sleeves mere inches away from naked flames. :eek...
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