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  1. ScandiBrit

    Cooking squid

    My little supermarket often has good deals on either frozen calamari rings or small squids For some reason, I’ve never really been able to crack cooking them ! Example, I recently returned from a holiday and I had a small squid as a starter and it was so soft to cut through, but when I try to...
  2. TastyReuben

    Cooking while wearing jewelry/accessories

    Lidia Bastianich is known (in part) for cooking while wearing several big, jangly gold bracelets. If you watch her videos, you’ll see the bracelets get into the dough a little, or drag across a tomato-soaked cutting board. She frequently gets questions/comments about it (and not positive...
  3. TastyReuben

    “Comfort zone” cooking

    I’m terrible at coherently presenting a new topic (which is why I don’t start many!), but the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the so-called “comfort zone.” When I was a kid, my music instructor would design exercises for me that went in unfamiliar and unexpected directions: “You hang...
  4. Windigo

    The Dutch food thread, because Dutch food isn't so bad as its reputation.

    So I decided to make a thread about Dutch food, because internationally there are so many misconceptions about it. Supposedly our food is bland, repetitive and uninteresting. Talking about Dutch food usually conjures up images of cheese, potatoes, sad vegetables and mashed potatoes. Maybe if...
  5. GadgetGuy

    Who still does Old-fashioned cooking?

    In this world of modern conveniences, such as appliances, gadgets, & other things, who still likes & does old-fashioned cooking? The pic below shows old gadgets that probably came out long before the world of modern conveniences, such as the mixer, food processor, air fryer & others. Do any of...
  6. E

    New to cooking and launched a Podcast

    Hi all, I recently started cooking to help with my mental health after a recent tough time with work. I am a complete novice and it helped me Podcast what I am making as I go along. I would really welcome any of you when you have time to listen and give me feedback. I am not taking this too...
  7. FowlersFreeTime

    Cooking gifts under $50 USD?

    My wife said I should have a wishlist for my upcoming birthday to share with guests. So I thought "what are some gift ideas that won't break the bank" that I could ask for? Obviously I don't care if people show up to my birthday with or without gifts, but since some have already asked, why not...
  8. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    Lazy ‘Cooking’

    You know the sort of thing. You want something nice to eat but have run out of steam. Not to the extent you’d order takeaway but it’s close. Expended all my cooking energies at lunch time on making garlic bread and Kha Gai soup. I’ve nothing left in the tank. The idea of a ready meal makes...
  9. Windigo

    Food budget thread

    I just saw a Facebook post of a woman on a frugal cooking group I follow that said she had set herself a goal of spending no more than a 1000 pounds total this year on food despite this years crisis. She's a budgeting expert, mind you. But it did inspire me to create this thread to share our...
  10. detroitdad

    Left Turn When Cooking

    I was wondering how often you guys and gals do this. When you start cooking something, and at some point in the process you decide to change your mind and go another route with your recipe, ingredients, ect..... My example below isn't anything drastic. It had me thinking, so I thought I would...
  11. C

    A recipe and meal planning app

    Hello everyone, My name is Bill and I am a food lover and freelance developer. I've been cooking for over 15 years and recently I created a mobile app called CookIt that's designed for chefs who want to find recipes and plan meals. Some of the key features of the app include exploring and...
  12. M

    Stuffed Pork Loin - cooking time and advice)

    Afternoon all! I come with a question regarding cooking times for a roast pork loin. I am hoping to do this for Mother's Day (which is tomorrow - nothing like last minute, eh?!) and wondered on cooking times and any general advice for folks who may have done this recipe before. Basically, I'm...
  13. A

    [Academic] Survey for those who like cooking

    I'm looking for keen cooks to take part in a survey entitled 'Cooking from Recipes'. This is for an educational research project to understand where people find recipes, and how they interact with them. I'm not collecting your data or advertising, just looking to learn :) Thank you! Survey...
  14. Romario

    Hello from Israel!

    Hello everyone, my hobby is photography, but my friend and I often go out into nature to cook something for cooking recipes from different countries, it would be nice to learn new recipes on this forum and at the same time present our own, thanks!
  15. G

    Cooking meat without a thermometer

    how many here know how to cook meat without using a thermometor ? it seems like nowadays its a lost art , while i do think its a great tool for people just learning to cook meat , i think the new cook should learn to tell the doneness of meat by touch or in some cases even sight, as i said...
  16. G

    Pet peeves about cooking shows

    one of my pet peeves is that they never show a fully cooked egg , the yoke is never cooked , yes i know some people like eggs that way but you would think someone would fully cook an egg once in a while , another one is how everyone eats on these shows , when they take a bite of anything the...
  17. E

    Looking for safe pan for cooking

    Hello, i am switching from gas to inductive plate (elecriticty), but i don't have it yet. I will need pan compatible with both! It incredibly hard to find healthy pan, there are no information almost no studies. I have chronic pain anyways and don't have strength to research this. SO i am...
  18. P

    Cooking "aloo-matar". Potato and hard lentils indian style?

    I'm Indian and wondering how to cook it. I've never cooked them before. Do I cook it like soft lentils? I cook soft lentils like this way. 1) 1:5 lentil to water ratio (after being soaked for some time). 2) Put it in pressure cooker, add salt and wait for 3 whistles. What else do I need to do...
  19. T

    Cooking by Microwave?

    In these troubled times I'm Looking for economy so I would like to try cooking a Ham weight 1.2 kg in a microwave oven but have no idea how long it would take so I need some advice please. While I’m online is it possible to cook a casserole of about four-pint size by Microwave oven and if so how?
  20. Z

    Low carb cooking

    Any low carb cooking ideas? Female, 28, Maryland
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