1. Mountain Cat

    Cooking Queries! - Cooking Skills Questionnaire

    I found this on Facebook about half an hour ago. I've included my answers. If you wish to play along, copy and put in your OWN answers as a response. cooking skills questionnaire: Have you ever- 1. Made biscuits from scratch? yes 2. Fried fresh okra? Yes. Love okra! 3.Made sourdough...
  2. S

    Hello from Saffron Walden

    My Homeground I live in Saffron Walden in Essex which is a small market town. Walden no longer grows saffron, but to replace it there is an exceptional twice a week food and fish market. Surprisingly, given the proximity of Cambridge, the Walden market is much more successful. Jamie Oliver'...
  3. Burt Blank

    My Serbian family loved my wok cooking.

    Last year when we visited Krusevac the wanted me to cook some of the Chinese food I made for the ones that visited here. I have gas here so I can get a passable flame. They only have electric. "Chef" Zokko who has a restaurant told me not to worry, they would make something. I took the key...
  4. The Late Night Gourmet

    Are you cooking more or less since COVID shut down the world?

    My issue with cooking has often been finding the time to do it. That's why I'm The Late Night Gourmet: my days are so full that I don't have much time until it's late at night. Between a long drive to and from work (40 miles each way), and long hours spent in the office, there are only so many...
  5. CraigC

    Wok Cooking

    Does anyone cook in a wok? I have found that you can't achieve temperatures on the stove top/hob to properly cook with a wok. Maybe if you have a commercial gas stove you can get to "Wok Hei" temperatures. I have started using one of my single burner propane cookers to get to the correct...
  6. Filipino Cuisine


    Hello Everyone I'm Michael John De Guzman from the Philippines and I wanted to showcase our countries' delicacy to all of you. To be honest with you guys, I've temporarily lost my job because our establishment isn't allowed to operate on this pandemic. To supplement my families' daily needs, I...
  7. Morning Glory

    Lets keep talking about cooking

    In these challenging times, keeping communication going is important for us all, especially for those in self-isolation. The one thing we all share on this forum is a love of cooking and good food and whatever happens, we all need good food every day. So please keep posting new threads about...
  8. Saranak

    Cooking a dying art?

    Ciao a tutti, This might be controversial. I saw a disturbing programme last night on TV, it was made last year. It says that the numbers of young Italian women and girls are not being taught to cook by mama any longer because many are just disinterested or prefer a career. An interview with a...
  9. Yorky

    What am I cooking?

    I thought we already had a thread with this (or a similar) title but I cannot find it. Anyway............
  10. Morning Glory

    New Year cooking resolutions

    Do you have any cooking related New Year resolutions? Maybe a resolve to cook 'healthier' meals or perhaps to eat vegan or vegetarian food more often. Maybe you intend to be more experimental and cook some types of cuisine that you have never tried before?
  11. Dive Bar Casanova

    Old Cooking Utensils You still Use

    Wifie still uses an old Krupp Austrung Werks hand mixer. 20 to 1 open gear ratio, burled red oak and nickel handle and crank. You can still jump start a Buick with it. I love it. Do you still use any old kitchen tools?
  12. The Late Night Gourmet

    Using cooking skills to survive a black out

    I’ve been dealing with a power outage – downed power lines because of extremely high winds - for most of the day here. There were rumors that we would be without power for as long as three days. I was sure they were being overly pessimistic. But, just in case, I decided to go out and buy a...
  13. S

    Cooking App for Family Recipes Survey

    Hey gang! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. My name is Steve and I am a student working on a phone app for families to store and share their recipes all in one place. We're still in the beginning phase of this but if you have some time and are fond of cooking feel free to take a moment and...
  14. The Late Night Gourmet

    What Omnivores Get Wrong About Vegetarian Cooking

    Mind you, this isn't my observation. I am someone who sometimes accidentally makes a vegetarian dish (and even more accidentally, a vegan dish). But, this chef's observations really seem dead-on. I know that morning glory's son became a vegetarian (or was it a vegan?) and she's gotten quite...
  15. M

    M&M Cooking bits.

    I thought i could melt them to spread on top of my granola bars. But, they won't melt. Does anyone know how so I don't waste them? Right now all I have is a big blog of hard chocolate in the measuring cup. I meant to say baking bits, not cooking bits.
  16. lilAlex

    Cooking Enthusiast

    Hello All, I am Lil, just joined, cooking is passion and Icant wait to see some of your recipes and cooking tips
  17. Morning Glory

    Edible Flowers - do you use them?

    Do you ever use edible flowers or flower petals in your dishes? A surprising number of flowers are edible - and as far as I'm aware, if you can eat the leaves you can also eat the flowers (safety warning: I've not checked this!). Some common examples are rosemary, lavender, sage, chives, rose...
  18. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Chili dogs by CookingBites

    Detroit Coney Dogs in honor of CookingBites. In Detroit, you seemingly cannot travel more than 2 miles without seeing a Coney Island restaurant. So I had to pay tribute to these establishments with a classic Detroit Coney Island hot dog. Before we get into the debate of what a TRUE Coney Island...
  19. Herbie

    Were you taught cooking at school?

    I had 'home economics' classes from age 11-15 where we were taught cooking, nutrition and household budgeting. I didnt learn much that my mum had not taught me esp. as most of the recipes taught were traditional British - Cornish pasties, shepherds pie, Victoria sponge, etc. I branched out...
  20. C

    Cooking Curd Rice and Fish Fry

    How long will it take to cook Curd Rice and Fish Fry.
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