Research Survey for New Cooking Assistant Tablet: 'Sous-Chef PRO'


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15 Feb 2021
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Hi everyone, hope you're all well and safe.

I am conducting some research to support a report I am writing about a new concept idea I have come up with for the world of cooking; 'Sous-Chef PRO'.

The Sous-Chef PRO is a smart electronic tablet like device that is a cooking timer, recipe book, and assistant all rolled into one. The product allows you to:
- Have multiple timers open at once for those long complicated recipes.
- Allows you to both download and create your own recipes, which can then be saved to your own library for a later date.
- Will direct you and prompt you through recipes, with on screen reminders. Should you leave the kitchen, reminders can also be spoken through bluetooth speaker connection,
as well as send push notifications to your phone.

I am asking for anyone with a spare 2 minutes to help me out by filling out this short multiple choice survey. Please click the Google Forms Link here to participate. Thank you in advance!
Smart Cooking Timer / Assistant Concept Research (Sous-Chef PRO)
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