Savory mango recipes


9 Sep 2013
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2:27 PM
Mangoes were on sale at the market, so now I have too many mangoes. I love them as dessert, but was wondering about recipes for main dishes like with chicken or pork?
You could have a go at mango chutney?

Otherwise, it might go nicely in a curry type recipe with chicken, one of the fruity styles with a tomatoey sauce?
Hadn't thought of chutney.

I've googled curries and found a good looking one with tomatoes and coconut milk, that might be the ticket :)
I have a recipe for mango soup somewhere. Also could you not just use it as a substitute for pineapple in similar recipes?

I also love mango juice and will use it in smoothies as well. Works great with cooing apples in various fruit leathers. And there is always the option of just dehydrating it and having died mango handy to nibble on through the day...
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