Show me your breakfast (2023)

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15 Jul 2019
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Ohio, US
One of MrsT’s gifts this year was a mini waffle maker:


Flip side is a standard waffle pattern, so I can use these year-round, and for other things, too, like potato cakes.
I scrambled some eggs for breakfast at my sister's house. Like the rest of my family, she refuses to use butter. Only margarine. Corn oil and chemicals, yum! Needless to say, the eggs tasted bad.

My family insists that butter is unhealthy, and margarine is healthy. They are wrong, but they are hard headed. I bought some butter at HEB today to keep in my sister's fridge just for me. I put it in the back of the fridge, and told her to pretend it isn't there.

I made my version of an Egg McMuffin.
Toasted English muffin, Parmesan Cheese on one and American Cheese on the other, Boar's Head Rosemary Ham and a Hard Fried Egg.
Much better than McD's and cheaper too! $3.00 here in Cowboyville ... our's always has a long line for the drive-thru ...
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