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12 Jan 2021
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First I want to tell you the quiche is not perfect, for me it was a nice experiment because I didn't use only eggs and cream as a filling. Instead I made a sauce based on chicken broth. I don't know what is the best solution for the texture problem, a mix between gelatin/agar agar, melted cheese, cream double and eggs might work without affecting the taste negatively.


short pastry for savory pies
17oz/500ml chicken broth
2tbsp butter/fat (I used the fat from the chicken broth)
4tbsp flour
1tbsp starch
1 egg yolk
9oz/250g string beans
3,5oz/100g yellow bellpepper
2oz/50g carrot
2oz/50g skin of an eggplant
2oz/50g beet root
5,5oz/150g feta cheese
2oz/50g tomatoe
salt, pepper

1. Wash your hands, the yellow bellpepper, string beans, eggplant and tomatoe. Peel the carrot, beet root and eggplant. Take the peeler and "peel" slices of beet root and carrot until you have a lot of thin strips. Take the skin of the eggplant, my peeler wasn't sharp enough so I took a knife for it, and cut that skin into thin julienne. Take the seeds out of the bellpepper, cut it into 3-4 big sides, cut beet root and feta cheese into thin slices, cut stars out of it with your cookie cutter. Get rid of the bad tips of the string beans, cut them into 1"/2-3cm pieces. Cut the tomatoe in 4, put the seeds aside, cut the 4 pieces lengthwise into strips. After that work, you're a master of the knife.

2. Heat up the fat, add flour, mix it well. Add chicken broth and the tomatoe seeds, if you make your own broth you can mash the used vegetables and add them as well. Mix the starch with 1tbsp water, add to the pot. Season with salt and pepper. Add some of the vegetables, until everything is coated with the mass. Add egg yolk, mix everything well. Pour the mass into the quiche. Top with the vegetables and feta cheese. Bake on 350°F/180°C until the top got many brown spots. Let it cool down, before serving or bake the quiche in small one portion sized baking dishes, my quiche doesn't get firm.

I apologize for my very bad english and I'm happy that I can learn a lot from everyone here. Have a nice springtime and stay healthy.


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18 Dec 2017
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19 Apr 2015
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Its an attractive looking quiche. I love the way you took time to cut the vegetables carefully.

Re the sauce used in place of egg custard, almost certainly you didn't use enough starch (cornflour) for it to set. You can make an eggless 'custard' which is vegan using besan flour (chickpea flour) - but I don't think you were aiming to make it vegan.
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