The Wild Card Challenge: make a dessert from onions.'s a recipe, if you want to give it a try:

Dessert Onion Rings


It needs some chocolate sauce I believe
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Can I respectfully ask that whole recipes are not posted in this thread. This is site policy. One reason is that the recipes are not then searchable. If you find a link to a recipe on an external site then, if you think it useful you can post a link here in this thread - but generally the site owner prefers that we avoid content which comprises links to other websites. If you think a recipe is particularly interesting then post it in full as a new thread (citing the source) and link it here.
I thought mine was a disaster - but now I'm wondering. No time to post the whole thing at the moment. But here are the ingredients: Clockwise - Walnuts, prunes, pomegranate seeds, caramelised onions. Plus coconut oil and dessicated coconut (not shown).

All - I'm pleased to announce that @The Late Night Gourmet has agreed to act as host for this new challenge. The idea is that the challenge will continue as 'The Wild Card Challenge' with new 'out of the box' topics added as each one runs its course. See my amended top post for a bit more detail.

Its all fun, non-competitive and part of that crazy learning curve that a lot of us seem to be on!

So its over to you @The Late Night Gourmet, to steer us through, chivvy us along and keep us on our toes in future! :D
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