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11 Oct 2012
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By default, the system is configured to only send you a weekly digest of what is going on, let you know when you've been sent a private message (PM) or let you know when you've been mentioned in a post.

However, in the early days on a new site, it can seem like a good idea to configure the system to send you an email for each reply to a new thread and before long you are receiving way too many emails...

There are a few changes to the settings that can be made to reduce the number of emails you receive.

By far the easiest, is to go back through your settings and untick all of the 'email me....' tick boxes.

This isn't a setting that a moderator can change on your behalf. You need to do it yourself. Just click on your member name/ avatar in the top right hand corner (or top bar on a mobile interface), and then on Preferences.


At a minimum you'll want to remove the ticks from the tick boxes that start with "and receive email notifications..." under content options but I suspect you'll also find it handy to untick 'receive email when quoted'.

Finally, don't forget to click "Save".

Now this will not kill all emails but it certainly kills most of them. You'll still get emails
  • for private messages into your inbox
  • if someone mentions you in a post (using the @ sign and your member name)
  • And the weekly digest emails. You have to opt out of that one manually.
There is one other method that you may have set up that will generate lots of emails regarding a specific thread. Ordinarily that thread will naturally come to a close and you won't receive any more emails from it, but just occasionally, on long running threads you'll receive a lot of emails continually.

If this is the case, you'll have to manually opt out of each thread you have followed/watched. To do that, you'll need to follow these instructions. (Link to be inserted later)
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