Using gin in desserts


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25 Apr 2021
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I was thinking, (alert the media) and this gin stares me in the face. As I said in the other thread, I would like to get rid of it, but to just give it away ? I think not, I have s o m e money but like the letters it it spread out. (I also want to see about a small annuity)

So, how to cook with it. Cook ? Who said cook ? Oh...., well forget that.

Notice how rum is good in spumoni ? Well this is another sweet one, sweeter. But, it is really so sweet we have to pair it with the sour thing(s) we can get that fit.

So how about grapefruit sorbet which is called _____________ ?

But does sorbet work with no sugar in solid form ? If not it is time for another method.

Over 18 ice cream, HA. But Parents would let their kids have it. H___ you give a kid a beer he might swear off it for life, their taste is not tuned.

Anyway, in Ohio to serve as alcohol free it must be below 0.5%. Most other states are probably close. But now the gin is so much OF the whole. And then the alcohol is only so much OF that.

And then we could also have the adult version :)

Other of the top of my head ideas are like in something like Entenmmen's.

Donut fillings.

I was thinking that one good place for that booze flavor might be icing. It could have quite a bit because it is only a small part of the whole, and is put on for them, they do not get the big bottle of it in the back.

So, many pennies for your thoughts foodophiles.

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