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Websites you have found useful as a vegan

Although I am not vegan, the lifestyle has always interested me. I would love to make the switch to an all vegan lifestyle. I really liked the Veganoo website you shared. I may not be a full on vegan, but I do eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan options, so it's nice to see a ton of reviews on products I haven't tried yet. :)
I'm not vegan, but enjoy vegetariantimes.com, and perusing Donna Hay's light and easy recipes.
Hi, I'm new here. I came here straight, because I've been vegan for sometime now. I too have used happycow for both recipes and locating restaurants. This easy-vegan-3-ingredient-recipes on the peta site are good too. I'm going to check out the other links. Thanks.
Yes, but this blog gives us a good information .... hope we see more blogs like this.
I have made one or two of the recipes from these blogs
and this baked almond feta is the basis for the one I make (I include 25% cashew nuts in more and ferment for 24hrs in a dehydrator before baking in the oven).
These sites have a number of recipes that I'm keen to try out.
I'm rather excited to have stumbled on this UK vegan recipe site. It includes some vegan recipes contributed by chefs from UK vegan restaurants as well as from other sources. Recommended :okay:

The website is run by Viva, a registered charity.

Vegan Recipe Club

Viva! is a UK-registered charity which educates people about the realities of factory farming and how it impacts our health, the planet and animals. Vegan Recipe Club is part of our project to make going – and staying – vegan really easy by providing amazing recipes which make even meat-eaters’ mouths water!

We’re doing it because veganism saves animals, protects our planet and is better for the environment and your health
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