What’s the next kitchen item you plan to buy?

I have been hunting high and low for a Tamago Pan.
I finally found one here in Honolulu

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Not that I really wanted Pink necessarily, but you get what you get sometimes.
I'll wait until we get back to Cowboyville Arizona before I experiment with this pan, mainly because eggs here cost a bloody fortune! $6.49/doz
And I like the color. I love things with non-standard colors. They bring something real, lively, and exciting to my life.
I'm such a fan of granite stone coatings I ordered up a set of granite stone bakeware. By applying some of my Amazon points the total cost including shipping was $1.67. It arrives next week.

I bit the bullet and ordered the utensils for outside.
Persuaded myself I deserved them (on what grounds I do not know 😂) so if the family get together gets ugly I’m just going to focus on my new outdoor untensils!

Love the name of this company ‘Taylor’s Eye Witness’ such a strange choice for a name!
Didn’t buy all of the stuff pictured below just selected the pieces that will work for me but you’ll get the idea of the happiness!
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Ah kitchen tools that can elicit a smile every time you use them. Nice.
I feel slightly embarrassed to be buying something for my kitchen again so soon after the food processor bowl and the rainbow utensils (which are as gorgeous in real life as in the photo) but I’ve always bought the least meddled with food I can for my family so when this popped up as a suggested item I couldn’t resist.


Pre-made sandwich meat is full of cr*p so I generally cook chicken thighs with different spices for sandwich meat, leaving them whole or shredding them to mix with other flavourings.
That gets a bit boring so this really appealed.

I’ve ordered cooking chorizo (nitrite free) and some chicken thighs for a chopped hotter spiced concoction and some pork for a herbed version.


Really looking forward to trying out some vegan pressed ‘meats’ in here. I’d loved to master vegan sandwich ‘meat’ because most of the shop bought ones aren’t good and are like their meat counterparts a full on chemical factory!

kaneohegirlinaz apparently it does a good homemade spam!

Link for anyone interested.


Edit: from what I’ve watched on youtube this is also much much cheaper than buying sandwich meat because basic cheaper meats like turkey thigh mince also work well.
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Chicken and Chorizo in one pot, expecting big air holes in that one (lesson learned) and a minced beef version in the other, took the main ingredients of beef, cornichons, silverskin onions and whole grain mustard from the ‘Great British Chefs’ website.
The chef (Shay Cooper) would probably be horrified if they saw the poor mans version I’ve chucked together 😂
Corned Beef Brisket Recipe

Chicken and Chorizo

Added whatever took my fancy that was close to hand, namely a lot of sweet smoked paprika, garlic and black pepper.

Beef version

Sorry to the recipe chef/recipe author for this concoction but I think it might just be great sliced super thin in sandwiches with more pickle.


The spring inside the lid that provides the compression while it cooks.


Set up and ready to roll, out in the utility because a pot boiling for 2 1/2 hours in my already hot kitchen doesn’t appeal one bit.


Screenshot from the cam (a £20 ‘Tapo’) I put in the utility so I can get on with other jobs outside and still keep an eye on things. It’s a much sharper image IRL but the screenshot didn’t care about that 😂
Not my kitchen, nor my choice, but it was necessary

rice cooker.jpg

We've been renting this apartment since 2015 for a month at a time.
In the past, there has always been an electric Rice Cooker.
The owners of the apartment had to hire a new property manager, and she's not that great.
I asked her, "where's the rice cooker? what local household doesn't have one?"
She never got back to me ...
So I contacted the owners via email, they had no idea that there had ever been one at all :scratchhead:
I cooked rice our first couple of nights on the stove top - no bueno! It came out fine, but too much fuss.
DH said, let's just go buy a new one.
At first we were going to gift it to his sister who lives here, but we've decided to 'donate' it to the apartment and I now have proof that there should always be a rice cooker available.
I made sure that the owners knew what we'd done via email :smug:
I recently had my oven break down. It's not worth fixing it anymore. I need to buy a new one.

Me too. Its not very urgent as I mainly use a counter top halogen cooker (a bit like an air-fryer but bigger and made of glass). It cooks anything so long as I can fit it in.
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